Multivariate environmental statistics. Papers presented at the 7th international conference on multivariate analysis held at Pennsylvania State University, University Park, PA, USA, May 5-9, 1992. (English) Zbl 0811.00019

North-Holland Series in Statistics and Probability. 6. Amsterdam: North- Holland. xi, 596 p. (1993).

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The articles of this volume will be reviewed individually. For the first volume of this conference see North-Holland Series in Statistics and Probability 5 (1993; Zbl 0779.00022).
Indexed articles:
Barnett, Vic, Multivariate environmental statistics in agriculture, 1-32 [Zbl 0825.62905]
Carson, John H. jun.; Gupta, A. K., Multivariate nonnormal statistics in site characterization and evaluation, 75-98 [Zbl 0825.62906]
Cressie, Noel, Spatial prediction in a multivariate setting, 99-107 [Zbl 0825.62477]
Gore, S. D.; Patil, G. P.; Sinha, A. K.; Taillie, C., Certain multivariate considerations in ranked set sampling and composite sampling designs, 122-148 [Zbl 0825.62556]
Guttorp, Peter; Le, Nhu D.; Sampson, Paul D.; Zidek, James V., Using entropy in the redesign of an environmental monitoring network, 175-202 [Zbl 0828.62100]
Linder, Ernst; Patil, G. P.; Suter, Glenn II, Errors-in-variables analysis of extrapolation procedures in environmental toxicology, 227-254 [Zbl 0825.62908]
Lovison, G., A unified linear model for estimation with composite sample data, 255-287 [Zbl 0827.62049]
MacNeill, I. B.; Jandhyala, V. K., Change-point methods for spatial data, 289-306 [Zbl 0827.62092]
Manly, Bryan F. J., A review of computer intensive multivariate methods in ecology, 307-346 [Zbl 0825.92129]
Mardia, Kanti V.; Goodall, Colin R., Spatial-temporal analysis of multivariate environmental monitoring data, 347-386 [Zbl 0825.62996]
Myers, Donald E., Correspondence analysis applied to environmental data sets, 387-398 [Zbl 0825.62528]
Singh, Anita, Omnibus robust procedures for assessment of multivariate normality and detection of multivariate outliers, 445-488 [Zbl 0825.62492]
Smith, Eric P.; Rheem, Sungsue; Holtzman, Golde I., Multivariate assessment of trend in environmental variables, 489-507 [Zbl 0825.62491]
ter Braak, Cajo J. F.; Juggins, Steve; Birks, H. J. B.; van der Voet, Hilko, Weighted averaging partial least squares regression (WA-PLS): Definition and comparison with other methods for species-environment calibration, 525-560 [Zbl 0825.62907]
Thompson, Steven K., Multivariate aspects of adaptive cluster sampling, 561-572 [Zbl 0827.62011]
Wehrly, T. E.; Matis, J. H.; Otis, G. W., Approximating multivariate distributions in stochastic models of insect population dynamics, 573-596 [Zbl 0828.92026]


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Zbl 0779.00022