Gaussian random fields. Proceedings of the third Nagoya Lévy seminar, held in Nagoya, Japan, 15-20 August, 1990. (English) Zbl 0812.00031

Series on Probability and Statistics. 1. Singapore: World Scientific. xiii, 432 p. (1991).

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Indexed articles:
Gross, Leonard, Loop spaces and logarithmic Sobolev inequalities, 2-13 [Zbl 0823.46035]
Kallianpur, G., Traces, natural extensions and Feynman distributions, 14-27 [Zbl 0823.46046]
Kunita, Hiroshi, Central limit theorems on random measures and stochastic difference equations, 28-42 [Zbl 0816.60019]
Rozanov, Yu. A., Stochastic partial differential equations: White noise approach, 43-57 [Zbl 0816.60057]
Potthoff, J.; Streit, L., White noise analysis and what it can do for physics, 58-68 [Zbl 0815.60033]
Accardi, Luigi; Lu, Yun Gang, The low density limit in the finite temperature case. I, 70-85 [Zbl 0820.46072]
Albeverio, Sergio; Karwowski, Witold, Diffusion on \(p\)-adic numbers, 86-99 [Zbl 0826.46069]
Al-Hussaini, A. N., The Hida calculus approach to stochastic integration, 100-113 [Zbl 0816.60034]
Berezansky, Yu. M., Projection spectral theorem and its applications to the infinite- dimensional harmonic analysis, 114-128 [Zbl 0815.60002]
Borodin, A. N., On the convergence of functionals of random walks to the local times of Bessel processes, 129-143 [Zbl 0815.60066]
Cameron, R. H.; Storvick, D. A., Feynman integral of variations of functionals, 144-157 [Zbl 0820.46045]
Chang, Kun Soo; Ryu, Kun Sik, Stability theorems for the operator-valued function space integral, 158-186 [Zbl 0820.46046]
Chung, Dong Myung, Conditional Feynman integrals for the Fresnel class of functions on abstract Wiener spaces, 172-186 [Zbl 0823.46045]
Hazewinkel, Michiel, Riccati and soliton equations, 187-196 [Zbl 0817.35093]
Heyer, Herbert, Stationary random fields over hypergroups, 197-213 [Zbl 0816.60006]
Hitsuda, Masuyuki, Canonical representations of Gaussian processes and integral operators, 214-226 [Zbl 0816.60033]
Huang, Zhiyuan, Stochastic calculus of variation on Gaussian spaces and white noise analysis, 227-241 [Zbl 0816.60049]
Ihara, Shunsuke, Mutual information and capacity of the continuous time Gaussian channel with feedback, 242-256 [Zbl 0816.60038]
Kuo, Hui-Hsiung, Fourier-Mehler transforms in white noise analysis, 257-271 [Zbl 0816.60035]
Lee, Yuh-Jia, A characterization of generalized functions on infinite dimensional spaces and Bargman-Segal analytic functions, 272-284 [Zbl 0831.46043]
Mitoma, Itaru, De Rham-Kodaira decomposition and fundamental spaces of Wiener functionals, 285-297 [Zbl 0818.58007]
Nisio, Makiko, On the existence of optimal relaxed control for stochastic differential equations, 298-308 [Zbl 0816.60058]
Noda, Akio, Lévy’s Brownian motion and stochastic variational equation, 309-319 [Zbl 0816.60050]
Potthoff, J.; Streit, L., Generalized Radon-Nikodym derivatives and Cameron-Martin theory, 320-331 [Zbl 0820.46044]
Sato, Yumiko; Takenaka, Shigeo, On determinism of symmetric \(\alpha\)-stable processes of generalized Chentsov type, 332-345 [Zbl 0816.60032]
Shieh, Narn-Rueih, A w.n.c. viewpoint on intersection local times, 346-353 [Zbl 0816.60036]
Shiga, Tokuzo, Some properties of solutions for one-dimensional SPDE’s associated with space-time white noise, 354-363 [Zbl 0816.60059]
Si, Si, Variational calculus for Lévy’s Brownian motion, 364-373 [Zbl 0816.60051]
Takeda, M., On the maximum Markovian self-adjoint extensions of one-dimensional diffusion operators, 374-383 [Zbl 0816.60076]
Wee, In-Suk, The law of the iterated logarithm for local time of a Lévy process, 384-395 [Zbl 0816.60074]
Yan, J. A., Constructing kernels via stochastic measures, 396-405 [Zbl 0816.60001]
Yoshizawa, Hisaaki, Infinite-dimensional rotation group and Brownian motion, 406-419 [Zbl 0816.60007]
Zabczyk, J., Law equivalence of Ornstein-Uhlenbeck processes, 420-432 [Zbl 0816.60060]


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