Topics in complex analysis. Proceedings of the semester on complex analysis, held in autumn of 1992 at the International Banach Center in Warsaw, Poland. (English) Zbl 0816.00022

Banach Center Publications. 31. Warszawa: Polish Academy of Sciences, Institute of Mathematics, 390 p. (1995).

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Indexed articles:
Abate, Marco; Patrizio, Giorgio, Complex geodesics and Finsler metrics, 11-25 [Zbl 0829.53054]
Aizenberg, L. A., Carleman’s formulas and conditions of analytic extendability, 27-34 [Zbl 0827.32009]
Andreian Cazacu, Cabiria; Stanciu, Victoria, Quasiconformal homeomorphisms between Riemann surfaces, 35-43 [Zbl 0835.30011]
Astala, Kari; Zinsmeister, Michel, Rectifiability in Teichmüller theory, 45-52 [Zbl 0839.30049]
Azukawa, Kazuo, The ratio of invariant metrics on the annulus and theta functions, 53-60 [Zbl 0823.30029]
Baranowicz, Józef; Mikołajczyk, Leon, On the characteristic properties of certain optimization problems in complex analysis, 61-67 [Zbl 0844.49019]
Barth, Theodore J., Topologies defined by some invariant pseudodistances, 69-76 [Zbl 0842.32018]
Berenstein, C. A.; Yger, A., The use of \(\mathcal{D}\)-modules to study exponential polynomials, 77-90 [Zbl 0827.32013]
Berteloot, François, Attraction of analytic disks and Hölder continuity of proper holomorphic maps, 91-98 [Zbl 0831.32012]
Bland, John; Duchamp, Tom, Contact geometry and CR-structures on spheres, 99-113 [Zbl 0831.32011]
Blatt, Hans-Peter, On discrepancy theorems with applications to approximation theory, 115-123 [Zbl 0831.30002]
Bos, L.; Levenberg, N.; Taylor, B. A., Characterization of smooth, compact algebraic curves in \(\mathbb{R}^ 2\), 125-134 [Zbl 0834.41012]
Cegrell, Urban, The symmetric pluricomplex Green function, 135-141 [Zbl 0831.31008]
Chirka, Evgeni M.; Stout, Edgar Lee, A Kontinuitätssatz, 143-150 [Zbl 0831.32006]
Dineen, Seán, Convexity in complex analysis, 151-162 [Zbl 0842.32019]
Drużkowski, Ludwik M., The Jacobian conjecture: Survey of some results, 163-171 [Zbl 0833.14008]
Elkadi, M.; Yger, A., Residue currents and complexity problems, 173-186 [Zbl 0831.32002]
Fournier, Richard, On a radius problem concerning a class of close-to-convex functions, 187-195 [Zbl 1107.30303]
Iordan, Andrei, Real analytic maximum modulus manifolds in strictly pseudoconvex boundaries, 197-206 [Zbl 0827.32014]
Klimek, Maciej, Invariant pluricomplex Green functions, 207-226 [Zbl 0844.31004]
Koshi, Shozo, Recent developments on the F. and M. Riesz theorem, 227-231 [Zbl 0830.43011]
Laurent-Thiebaut, Christine, Hartogs-Bochner phenomenon in CR manifolds, 233-247 [Zbl 0841.32008]
MacGregor, T. H., Radial limits and growths of fractional Cauchy transforms, 249-254 [Zbl 0839.30043]
Martio, O., Lebesgue measure and mappings of the Sobolev class \(W^{1,n}\), 255-262 [Zbl 0876.30026]
Michel, Joachim, Regularity of the tangential Cauchy-Riemann complex and applications, 263-273 [Zbl 0847.32017]
Miyajima, Kimio, Deformations of a strongly pseudo-convex domain of complex dimension \(\geq 4\), 275-280 [Zbl 0853.32025]
Nguyen Thanh Van; Zeriahi, Ahmed, Doubly orthogonal systems of holomorphic functions and applications, 281-297 [Zbl 0844.31003]
Nowak, Maria, A note on coefficient multipliers \((H^ p, {\mathcal B})\) and \((H^ p,BMOA)\), 299-302 [Zbl 0839.30033]
Partyka, Dariusz, The smallest positive eigenvalue of a quasisymmetric automorphism of the unit circle, 303-310 [Zbl 0833.30012]
Range, R. Michael, On \(\overline\partial\)-problems on (pseudo)-convex domains, 311-320 [Zbl 0828.32005]
Reiffen, Hans-Jörg, An application of a theorem of Huber in holomorphic foliation theory, 321-328 [Zbl 0835.32013]
Saff, E. B.; Stahl, H., Asymptotic distribution of poles and zeros of best rational approximants to \(x^ \alpha\) on \([0,1]\), 329-348 [Zbl 0826.41018]
Sergeev, A. G., On invariant domains of holomorphy, 349-357 [Zbl 0827.32029]
Thilliez, Vincent, Gevrey interpolation in the finite type domains of \(\mathbb{C}^ 2\), 359-365 [Zbl 0842.32005]
Tomassini, Giuseppe, Foliations with complex leaves, 367-372 [Zbl 0835.32010]
Vigué, Jean-Pierre, Invariant metrics and the characterization of analytic isomorphisms, 373-382 [Zbl 0837.32011]
Volberg, Alexander, An estimate from below for the Markov constant of a Cantor repeller, 383-390 [Zbl 0853.30017]


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