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Constructive physics. Results in field theory, statistical mechanics and condensed matter physics. Proceedings of the conference, held at Ecole Polytechnique, Palaiseau, France, 25–27 July, 1994. (English) Zbl 0816.00038
Lecture Notes in Physics. 446. Berlin: Springer-Verlag. x, 337 p. (1995).

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Indexed articles:
Witten, Edward, Some questions for constructive field theorists, 1-5 [Zbl 0824.53069]
Abdesselam, Abdelmalek; Rivasseau, Vincent, Trees, forests and jungles: A botanical garden for cluster expansions, 7-36 [Zbl 0822.60095]
Brydges, David, Weak perturbations of the massless Gaussian measure, 37-49 [Zbl 0829.60035]
Pordt, Andreas, On renormalization group flows and polymer algebras, 51-81 [Zbl 0826.58048]
Bricmont, Jean; Kupiainen, Antti, Renormalizing partial differential equations, 83-115 [Zbl 0831.35076]
Osterwalder, Konrad, Supersymmetric quantum field theory, 117-130 [Zbl 0823.46073]
Zinoviev, Yu. M., Equivalence of the Euclidean and Wightman field theories, 131-148 [Zbl 0841.46056]
de Calan, Claude, Construction of the Gross-Neveu model in dimension 3, 149-159 [Zbl 0832.58040]
Faria da Veiga, P. A.; Hurd, T. R.; Marchetti, D. H. U., Mass generation in a one-dimensional Fermi model, 161-167 [Zbl 0823.46072]
Kopper, Christoph, Mass generation in the large \(N\) Gross-Neveu model, 169-186 [Zbl 0825.58054]
Zinoviev, Yu. M., \(U(1)\) gauge theory on a torus, 187-200 [Zbl 0844.53055]
Balaban, Tadeusz, A low temperature expansion and “Spin wave picture” for classical \(N\)- vector models, 201-218 [Zbl 0825.81011]
Benfatto, Giuseppe, Renormalization group approach to zero temperature Bose condensation, 219-247 [Zbl 0825.82002]
Dunlop, François, Random and interacting surfaces, 249-265 [Zbl 0825.82001]
Feldman, Joel; Lehmann, Detlef; Knörrer, Horst; Trubowitz, Eugene, Fermi liquids in two-space dimensions, 267-299 [Zbl 0825.76024]
Golowich, Steven E., The self-avoiding walk in four dimensions, 301-309 [Zbl 0822.60065]
Iagolnitzer, Daniel; Magnen, Jacques, Weakly self-avoiding polymers in four dimensions, 327-337 [Zbl 0823.60059]

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