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Multivariable operator theory. A joint summer research conference on multivariable operator theory, July 10-18, 1993, University of Washington, Seattle, WA, USA. (English) Zbl 0819.00022
Contemporary Mathematics. 185. Providence, RI: American Mathematical Society (AMS). x, 380 p. (1995).

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Indexed articles:
Albrecht, D. W., Explicit formulae for Taylor’s functional calculus, 1-5 [Zbl 0842.47009]
Arazy, Jonathan, A survey of invariant Hilbert spaces of analytic functions on bounded symmetric domains, 7-65 [Zbl 0831.46014]
Bagchi, Bhaskar; Misra, Gadadhar, Homogeneous operators and systems of imprimitivity, 67-76 [Zbl 0867.47023]
Barrett, David E., Duality between \(A^ \infty\) and \(A^{-\infty}\) on domains with nondegenerate corners, 77-87 [Zbl 0834.32002]
Davidson, Kenneth R., Commutative subspace lattices, complete distributivity and approximation, 89-107 [Zbl 0824.47036]
Douglas, R. G., Models and resolutions for Hilbert modules, 109-131 [Zbl 0833.46039]
Fialkow, Lawrence, Positivity, extensions and the truncated complex moment problem, 133-150 [Zbl 0830.44007]
Gong, Donggeng; Pincus, Joel, Torsion invariants for finite von Neumann algebras, 151-186 [Zbl 0827.47015]
Kaminker, Jerome, Algebraic \(K\)-theory invariants for operator theory, 187-194 [Zbl 0831.46080]
Krantz, Steven G., Fundamentals of harmonic analysis on domains in complex space, 195-218 [Zbl 0831.31005]
Levy, R. N., Spectral picture and index invariants of commuting \(n\)-tuples of operators, 219-236 [Zbl 0870.47005]
Li, Huiping; Luecking, Daniel H., Schatten class of Hankel and Toeplitz operators on the Bergman space of strongly pseudoconvex domains, 237-257 [Zbl 0833.47017]
Mathieu, Martin, Operator equations with elementary operators, 259-272 [Zbl 0827.47024]
Octavio, Alfredo, Membership in the class \(\mathbb{A}_{\aleph_ 0}^{(2)} ({\mathcal H})\), 273-281 [Zbl 0832.47009]
Peetre, Jaak; Rochberg, Richard, Higher order Hankel forms, 283-306 [Zbl 0944.47019]
Perera, Vicumpriya S., Real valued spectral flow, 307-318 [Zbl 0831.46065]
Putinar, Mihai, Abstract \(\overline {\partial}\)-resolutions for several commuting operators, 319-337 [Zbl 0842.47004]
Salinas, Norberto, Toeplitz \(C^*\)-algebras and several complex variables, 339-346 [Zbl 0833.47019]
Vasilescu, F.-H., Positivity conditions and standard models for commuting multioperators, 347-365 [Zbl 0842.47005]
Xia, Daoxing, Trace formulas and completely unitary invariants for some \(k\)-tuples of commuting operators, 367-380 [Zbl 0827.47016]
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