A Wold-like decomposition of two-dimensional discrete homogeneous random fields. (English) Zbl 0822.60045

Summary: Imposing a total order on a regular two-dimensional discrete random field induces an orthogonal decomposition of the random field into two components: a purely indeterministic field and a deterministic field. The deterministic component is further orthogonally decomposed into a half- plane deterministic field and a countable number of mutually orthogonal evanescent fields. Each of the evanescent fields is generated by the column-to-column innovations of the deterministic field with respect to a different nonsymmetrical-half-plane total-ordering definition. The half- plane deterministic field has no innovations, nor column-to-column innovations, with respect to any nonsymmetrical-half-plane total-ordering definition. This decomposition results in a corresponding decomposition of the spectral measure of the regular random field into a countable sum of mutually singular spectral measures.


60G60 Random fields
60G25 Prediction theory (aspects of stochastic processes)
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