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Handbook of algebraic topology. (English) Zbl 0824.00017
Amsterdam: North-Holland. x, 1324 p. (1995).

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From the text: Since algebraic topology is still developing rapidly any attempt to cover the whole subject would soon be out-of-date. So instead of a comprehensive overview, which would be bound to occupy several volumes, it seemed better to put together a collection of articles, dealing with most of the areas in which research is active at the present time. Indeed many new results, and new ways of looking at known results, will be found in the pages of this volume. Some of the articles are more technical than others but that is in the nature of the subject. It did not seem necessary to cover all the topics which can be found in the standard textbooks and monographs.
So this handbook is addressed to the reader who already has some knowledge of algebraic topology and wishes to know more about what is happening closer to the frontiers of research. Some overlap between different article cannot be avoided if each is to be readable on its own but this has been kept to a minimum. In any case almost every article looks at the subject from a somewhat different viewpoint. Some areas of the subject are much better understood than others but it is in the latter, of course, that research activity tends to be most intense.

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