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Nonlinear analysis. A tribute in honour of Giovanni Prodi. (English) Zbl 0830.00011
Quaderni. Universitá di Pisa. Pisa: Scuola Normale Superiore, 348 p. (1991).

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Indexed articles:
Adimurthi; Mancini, G., The Neumann problem for elliptic equations with critical nonlinearity, 9-25 [Zbl 0836.35048]
Amann, Herbert, Multiplication in Sobolev and Besov spaces, 27-50 [Zbl 0894.46026]
Amerio, Luigi, Impulse, work and impact formulas for vibrating membranes subject to single layer forces, 61-76 [Zbl 0843.35052]
Beirão da Veiga, Hugo, Perturbation theorems and well-posed problems in the theory of hyperbolic partial differential equations, 81-91 [Zbl 0843.35080]
Benci, V.; Cerami, G.; Passaseo, D., On the number of the positive solutions of some nonlinear elliptic problems, 93-107 [Zbl 0838.35040]
Berestycki, H.; Nirenberg, L., Asymptotic behaviour via the Harnack inequality, 135-144 [Zbl 0840.35011]
Campanato, S., Second order non-variational elliptic systems with nonlinearity \(q\geq 2\), 145-151 [Zbl 0837.35044]
Colombini, Ferruccio; Del Santo, Daniele; Zuily, Claude, Some remarks on the uniqueness in the Cauchy problem for degenerate elliptic operators, 153-159 [Zbl 0836.35055]
De Giorgi, Ennio, Conjectures on limits of solutions of some quasilinear parabolic equations, 173-187 [Zbl 0840.35012]
Degiovanni, Marco; Marino, Antonio; Saccon, Claudio, A pointwise gradient constraint for the Laplace operator. Eigenvalues and bifurcation, 189-203 [Zbl 0837.35055]
Lions, J. L., On some partial differential equations of the family of Navier Stokes equations, 205-216 [Zbl 0846.35101]
Magenes, Enrico, On a Stefan problem in a concentrated capacity, 217-229 [Zbl 0839.35151]
Manselli, Paolo; Pucci, Carlo, Optimal lower bounds in \(L_ p\) for the Green functions relative to the elliptic Dirichlet problem, 231-241 [Zbl 0836.35041]
Marino, A.; Micheletti, A. M.; Pistoia, A., Some variational results on semilinear problems with asymptotically nonsymmetric behaviour, 243-256 [Zbl 0849.35035]
Mogilevskij, I. Sh.; Solonnikov, V. A., On the solvability of a free boundary problem for the Navier-Stokes equations in the Hölder space of functions, 257-271 [Zbl 0875.35063]
Venkatesha Murthy, M. K., Some remarks on pseudo-differential parabolic mixed problems of general type, 273-287 [Zbl 0842.35146]
Prouse, Giovanni, On a Navier-Stokes type equation, 289-305 [Zbl 0836.35124]
Rabinowitz, Paul H., A note on a semilinear elliptic equation on \(\mathbb{R}^ n\), 307-317 [Zbl 0836.35045]
Spagnolo, Sergio, On a nonlinear Cauchy problem globally well-posed in the real analytic functions, 319-334 [Zbl 0837.35096]
Turner, R. E. L., Waves with oscillatory tails, 335-348 [Zbl 0837.35126]

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35-06 Proceedings, conferences, collections, etc. pertaining to partial differential equations
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Prodi, Giovanni