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Advances in kinetic theory and computing: selected papers. (English) Zbl 0830.00019
Series on Advances in Mathematics for Applied Sciences. 22. Singapore: World Scientific. vii, 214 p. (1994).

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[The articles of this volume will be reviewed individually.]
Foreword: This book contains a collection of 8 papers dealing with the kinetic theory of gases. Computational aspects are discussed as well as the applications and modelisation or macroscopic properties related to the kinetic structures. The underlying models are those of Vlasov-Poisson or Boltzmann equations as used in the modern sciences (plasma physics, semiconductors, hypersonic flows, etc.).
The idea of collecting these papers came out after a one-day workshop for physicists and mathematicians in Orleans. Although the book contains a larger number of papers, its main body is that of the conference.
Indexed articles:
Degond, Pierre, The Child-Langmuir law in the kinetic theory of charged-particles. I: Electron flows in vacuum, 3-44 [Zbl 0863.76091]
Feix, M. R.; Bertrand, P.; Ghizzo, A., Eulerian codes for the Vlasov equation, 45-81 [Zbl 0863.76093]
Mas-Gallic, S.; Raviart, P. A., Mathematical models of ion extraction and plasma sheaths, 82-106 [Zbl 0863.76095]
Manfredi, Giovanni; Feix, Marc R., Transport equations for quantum plasmas, 109-140 [Zbl 0863.76096]
Poupaud, F., Mathematical theory of kinetic equations for transport modelling in semiconductors, 141-168 [Zbl 0863.76075]
Bouchut, F., On zero pressure gas dynamics, 171-190 [Zbl 0863.76068]
Desvillettes, L.; Golse, F., A remark concerning the Chapman-Enskog asymptotics, 191-203 [Zbl 0863.76071]
Perthame, B., Introduction to the theory of random particle methods for Boltzmann equation, 204-214 [Zbl 0863.76057]
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