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Proceedings of the Indo-French conference on geometry held in Bombay, India, 1989. (English) Zbl 0830.00028
Delhi: Hindustan Book Agency. viii, 232 p. (1993).

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Indexed articles:
Balaji, V., On the cohomology of a moduli space of vector bundles on curves, 1-11 [Zbl 0837.14019]
Bhosle, Usha, Classification of pencils of quadrics in characteristic two, 13-27 [Zbl 0842.14003]
Ellingsrud, Geir; Peskine, Christian, A Gorenstein ring associated to an invertible fiber bundle on a space surface and the Noether-Lefschetz locus. – Appendix: Artinian graded Gorenstein rings, 29-42; Appendix: 38-42 [Zbl 0846.14029]
Fontaine, Jean-Marc, Schemes which are proper and smooth over \(\mathbb{Z}\), 43-56 [Zbl 0837.14014]
Fontaine, J.-M.; Illusie, L., \(p\)-adic periods: A survey, 57-93 [Zbl 0836.14010]
Gurjar, R. V., Remarks on the topology of surface singularities and applications. (With an appendix by K. Paranjape), 95-102; Appendix: 100-101 [Zbl 0836.14019]
Guruprasad, K., The space of flat connections and geometric invariants, 103-109 [Zbl 0849.55020]
Nori, M. V.; Raghunathan, M. S., On conjugation of locally symmetric arithmetic varieties, 111-122 [Zbl 0842.14014]
Parameswaran, A. J., Monodromy fibration of an isolated complete intersection singularity, 123-134 [Zbl 0842.32025]
Paranjape, K. H.; Srinivas, V., Continuous self maps of quadric hypersurfaces, 135-148 [Zbl 0836.14034]
Parimala, R., Witt groups vis-à-vis Chow groups. (With an appendix by J. L. Colliot- Thélène), 149-154; Appendix: 152-154 [Zbl 0836.14003]
Polo, Patrick, Modules associated to Schubert varieties, 155-171 [Zbl 0839.20056]
Previato, Emma; Verdier, Jean-Louis, Boussinesq elliptic solitons: the cyclic case, 173-185 [Zbl 0844.14016]
Treibich, A.; Verdier, J.-L., Krichever varieties of elliptic KP solitons, 187-232 [Zbl 0837.14011]
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