Minimax and applications. (English) Zbl 0832.00015

Nonconvex Optimization and Its Applications. 5. Dordrecht: Kluwer Academic Publishers. xiv, 292 p. (1995).

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Indexed articles:
Simons, Stephen, Minimax theorems and their proofs, 1-23 [Zbl 0862.49010]
Diderich, Claude G.; Gengler, Marc, A survey on minimax trees and associated algorithms, 25-54 [Zbl 0854.68077]
Qi, Liqun; Sun, Wenyu, An iterative method for the minimax problem, 55-67 [Zbl 0847.90126]
Sturm, Jos F.; Zhang, Shuzhong, A dual and interior point approach to solve convex min-max problems, 69-78 [Zbl 0845.49003]
Cao, Feng, Determining the performance ratio of algorithm multifit for scheduling, 79-96 [Zbl 0847.90078]
Chen, Bo; Woeginger, Gerhard J., A study of on-line scheduling two-stage shops, 97-107 [Zbl 0847.90079]
Helgason, Thorkell; J√∂rnsten, Kurt; Migdalas, Athanasios, Maxmin formulation of the apportionments of seats to a parliament, 109-118 [Zbl 0849.90041]
Hsu, D. Frank; Hu, Xiao-Dong; Kajitani, Yoji, On shortest \(K\)-edge connected Steiner networks with rectilinear distance, 119-127 [Zbl 0854.68078]
Teng, Shang-Hua, Mutually repellant sampling, 129-140 [Zbl 0854.68081]
Vicente, Luis N.; Calamai, Paul H., Geometry and local optimality conditions for bilevel programs with quadratic strictly convex lower levels, 141-151 [Zbl 0847.90129]
Xue, Guoliang; Sun, Shangzhi, The spherical one-center problem, 153-156 [Zbl 0847.90092]
Yu, Gang; Kouvelis, Panagiotis, On min-max optimization of a collection of classical discrete optimization problems, 157-171 [Zbl 0847.90105]
Dress, Andreas W. M.; Yang, Lu; Zeng, Zhenbing, Heilbronn problem for six points in a planar convex body, 173-190 [Zbl 0879.52001]
Yang, Lu; Zeng, Zhenbing, Heilbronn problem for seven points in a planar convex body, 191-218 [Zbl 0879.52002]
Ko, Ker-I; Lin, Chih-Long, On the complexity of min-max optimization problems and their approximation, 219-239 [Zbl 0847.90117]
Hu, X. D.; Hwang, F. K., A competitive algorithm for the counterfeit coin problem, 241-250 [Zbl 0847.90115]
Gu, Jun, A minimax \(\alpha\beta\) relaxation for global optimization, 251-268 [Zbl 0847.90123]
Cao, Feng; Du, Ding-Zhu; Gao, Biao; Wan, Peng-Jun; Pardalos, Panos M., Minimax problems in combinatorial optimization, 269-292 [Zbl 0847.90113]


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