Current developments in mathematics, 1995. Lectures of a seminar, held in Boston, MA, USA, May 7-8, 1995. (English) Zbl 0833.00016

Cambridge, MA: International Press. 282 p. (407 p. preliminary version 1994) (1995).

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The the articles of this volume will be reviewed individually.
From the preface: The Department of Mathematics at Harvard University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology conceived the idea of holding an annual seminar on current developments in mathematics, including subjects covering a wide spectrum of mathematics. Since this seminar was created in December 1994, the authors needed to prepare these manuscripts in spite of very early deadlines. We are very grateful to the authors for providing these full manuscripts by early April. Because we anticipate rich interaction during the seminar, resulting in potentially substantial changes to the manuscripts, we will publish a Proceedings, by October, which contains more complete, formal versions of the papers contained herein.
Henri Darmon, Fred Diamond, Richard Taylor, Fermat’s Last Theorem; Mikhail Lyubich, Renormalization ideas in conformal dynamics; Ib Madsen, Calculations in \(K\)-theory via traces; Curtis McMullen, The classification of conformal dynamical systems; Giang Tian, Quantum cohomology and its associativity.


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