Lagrange and Finsler geometry: applications to physics and biology. Proceedings of a conference. (English) Zbl 0833.00033

Fundamental Theories of Physics. 76. Dordrecht: Kluwer Academic Publishers. vii, 279 p. (1996).

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Indexed articles:
Anastasiei, Mihai, On deflection tensor field in Lagrange geometries, 1-14 [Zbl 0843.53014]
Anastasiei, M.; Antonelli, P. L., The differential geometry of Lagrangians which generate sprays, 15-34 [Zbl 0844.53019]
Atanasiu, Gheorghe, Partial nondegenerate Finsler spaces, 35-60 [Zbl 0843.53015]
Bácsó, Sándor, Randers and Kropina spaces in geodesic correspondence, 61-64 [Zbl 0846.53049]
Balan, V.; Stavrinos, P. C., Deviations of geodesics in fibered Finslerian approach, 65-73 [Zbl 0867.53018]
Hasegawa, Izumi; Yamauchi, Kazunari; Shimada, Hideo, Sasakian structures on Finsler manifolds, 75-80 [Zbl 0843.53016]
Antonelli, P. L.; Hrimiuc, D., A new class of spray-generating Lagrangians, 81-92 [Zbl 0844.53046]
Kirkovits, Magdolna Sz.; Otsuji, Tsuyoshi; Aikou, Tadashi, Some remarks on automorphisms of Finsler bundles, 93-98 [Zbl 0846.53050]
Kovács, Z., On construction of Landsbergian characteristic subalgebra, 99-111 [Zbl 0848.53047]
Marinca, Vasile, Conservation laws of dynamical systems via Lagrangians of the second degree, 113-121 [Zbl 0843.70014]
Miron, Radu, General Randers spaces, 123-140 [Zbl 0846.53015]
Obădeanu, V., Conservation laws associated to same dynamical systems, 141-151 [Zbl 0844.58030]
Obădeanu, V.; Obădeanu, V. V., Biodynamic systems and conservation laws. Applications to neuronal systems, 153-162 [Zbl 0844.58031]
Postolache, Mihai, Computational methods in Lagrange geometry, 163-176 [Zbl 0845.53050]
Udrişte, C.; Udrişte, A.; Balan, V.; Postolache, M., Phase portraits and critical elements of magnetic fields generated by a piecewise rectilinear electric circuits, 177-187 [Zbl 0867.53060]
Yawata, Makoto, Killing equations in tangent bundle, 189-194 [Zbl 0843.53020]
Neagu, Alexandru; Borcea, Veronica T., Lebesgue measure and regular mappings in Finsler spaces, 195-204 [Zbl 0866.53054]
Shimada, Hideo, On a Finsler metric derived from ecology, 205-208 [Zbl 0843.53018]
Gottlieb, I.; Văcaru, Sergiu I., A. Moór’s tensorial integration in generalized Lagrange spaces, 209-216 [Zbl 0846.53014]
Ionescu-Pallas, Nicholas; Sofonea, Liviu, The Lagrange’s formalism used in the modelling of ”finite range” gravity, 217-231 [Zbl 0857.53059]
Dariescu, C.; Dariescu, Marina-Aura, On the quantization of the complex scalar fields in \(S^ 3\times\mathbb{R}\) space-time, 233-239 [Zbl 0852.58045]
Văcaru, Sergiu I.; Ostaf, S., Nearly autoparallel maps of Lagrange and Finsler spaces, 241-253 [Zbl 0844.53047]
Zet, Gheorghe, Applications of Lagrange spaces to physics, 255-262 [Zbl 0857.53053]
Stavrinos, P. C.; Manouselis, P., On the differential geometry of non-localized field theory: Poincaré gravity, 263-279 [Zbl 0852.53077]


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