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Applications of interval computations. Proceedings of an international workshop, El Paso, TX, USA, February 23-25, 1995. (English) Zbl 0836.00038
Applied Optimization. 3. Dordrecht: Kluwer Academic Publishers. xvii, 425 p. (1996).

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Indexed articles:
Kearfott, R. Baker; Kreinovich, Vladik, Applications of interval computations: An introduction, 1-22 [Zbl 0841.65031]
Kearfott, R. Baker, A review of techniques in the verified solution of constrained global optimization problems, 23-59 [Zbl 0841.65049]
Alefeld, Götz; Kreinovich, Vladik; Mayer, Günter, The shape of the symmetric solution set, 61-79 [Zbl 0841.15002]
Rohn, Jiří, Linear interval equations: Computing enclosures with bounded relative overestimation is NP-hard, 81-89 [Zbl 0841.65027]
Hadjihassan, Sevgui; Walter, Eric; Pronzato, Luc, Quality improvement via optimization of tolerance intervals during the design stage, 91-131 [Zbl 0856.62092]
Jerrell, Max E., Applications of interval computations to regional economic input-output models, 133-143 [Zbl 0842.90018]
Fefferman, Charles L.; Seco, Luis A., Interval arithmetic in quantum mechanics, 145-167 [Zbl 0841.65067]
Hyvönen, Eero; De Pascale, Stefano, Interval computations on the spreadsheet, 169-209 [Zbl 0841.65032]
Semenov, Alexander L., Solving optimization problems with help of the UniCalc solver, 211-225 [Zbl 0841.65050]
Berleant, Daniel, Automatically verified arithmetic on probability distributions and intervals, 227-244 [Zbl 0841.65143]
Nguyen, Hung T.; Kreinovich, Vladik, Nested intervals and sets: Concepts, relations to fuzzy sets, and applications, 245-290 [Zbl 0841.65148]
Kohout, L. J.; Bandler, W., Fuzzy interval inference utilizing the checklist paradigm and BK-relational products, 291-335 [Zbl 0853.68163]
Rocha, Luis Mateus; Kreinovich, Vladik; Kearfott, R. Baker, Computing uncertainty in interval based sets, 337-380 [Zbl 0843.68114]
Schulte, Michael J.; Swartzlander, Earl E. jun., Software and hardware techniques for accurate, self-validating arithmetic, 381-404 [Zbl 0960.68505]
Walster, G. William, Stimulating hardware and software support for interval arithmetic, 405-416 [Zbl 0841.65033]

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