The space of mathematics. Philosophical, epistemological, and historical explorations. Revised papers from a symposium on structures in mathematical theories, Donostia/San Sebastian, Basque Country, Spain, September 1990. (English) Zbl 0839.00019

Grundlagen der Kommunikation und Kognition. Berlin: Walter de Gruyter. xvi, 422 p. (1992).

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The articles of this volume will be reviewed individually. The original proceedings have been published in (1990) and were announced in Zbl 0745.03004.
Indexed articles:
MacLane, Saunders, The protean character of mathematics, 1-13 [Zbl 0848.00006]
Lawvere, F. William, Categories of space and of quantity, 14-30 [Zbl 0846.18001]
Ibarra, Andoni; Mormann, Thomas, Structural analogies between mathematical and empirical theories, 31-46 [Zbl 0874.00011]
Rantala, Veikko, Reduction and explanation: Science vs. mathematics, 47-59 [Zbl 0875.00010]
Niiniluoto, Ilkka, Reality, truth, and confirmation in mathematics – reflections on the quasi-empiricist programme, 60-78 [Zbl 0888.00004]
Breger, Herbert, Tacit knowledge in mathematical theory, 79-90 [Zbl 0847.00008]
Grattan-Guinness, Ivor, Structure-similarity as a cornerstone of the philosophy of mathematics, 91-111 [Zbl 0848.00005]
Resnik, Michael D., Applying mathematics and the indispensability argument, 115-131 [Zbl 0849.00014]
Torretti, Roberto, Mathematical structures and physical necessity, 132-140 [Zbl 0847.00006]
Scheibe, Erhard, The role of mathematics in physical science, 141-155 [Zbl 0871.00007]
Schmidt, Heinz-Jürgen, The status of set-theoretic axioms in empirical theories, 156-167 [Zbl 0847.03002]
da Costa, Newton C. A.; Doria, F. Antonio, Suppes predicates for classical physics, 168-191 [Zbl 0847.03007]
Howson, Colin, Mathematics in philosophy, 192-201 [Zbl 0847.00007]
Dauben, Joseph W., Are there revolutions in mathematics?, 205-229 [Zbl 0862.01041]
Echeverria, Javier, Observations, problems and conjectures in number theory – the history of the prime number theorem, 230-252 [Zbl 0848.00008]
Knobloch, Eberhard, Historical aspects of the foundations of error theory, 253-279 [Zbl 0855.01009]
Jahnke, Hans Niels, A structuralist view of Lagrange’s algebraic analysis and the German combinatorial school, 280-295 [Zbl 0862.01013]
Otte, Michael, Constructivism and objects of mathematical theory, 296-313 [Zbl 0848.00007]
Feferman, Solomon, Turing’s “oracle”: From absolute to relative computability – and back, 314-348 [Zbl 0853.03013]
Mahoney, Michael S., Computers and mathematics: The search for a discipline of computer science, 349-363 [Zbl 0854.01020]
Mosterin, Jesus, Theories and the flow of information, 367-378 [Zbl 0848.00009]
Sneed, Joseph D., Structuralism and scientific discovery, 379-402 [Zbl 0852.00009]
Moulines, C. Ulises, Towards a typology of intertheoretical relations, 403-411 [Zbl 0875.03011]


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03-06 Proceedings, conferences, collections, etc. pertaining to mathematical logic and foundations
00A30 Philosophy of mathematics


Zbl 0745.03004