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Mathematical modelling in economics. Essays in honor of Wolfgang Eichhorn. (English) Zbl 0840.00015
Berlin: Springer-Verlag. xxvii, 713 p. DM 198.00; öS 1544.40; sFr 187.00 (1993).

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Indexed articles:
Aczél, János; Pfingsten, Andreas, Constituent-sensitive public fund sharing, 3-10 [Zbl 0848.90052]
Beckmann, Martin J., A production function for scientific interaction, 11-17 [Zbl 0848.90012]
Bilitewski, Franz; Lehmann-Waffenschmidt, Marco, An approximation method for evolutions of exchange, 18-34 [Zbl 0848.90018]
Blackorby, Charles; Russell, R. Robert, Samuelson’s ”Shibboleth” revisited: Proportional budgeting among agents and rank-two demand systems, 35-46 [Zbl 0848.90036]
Bol, Georg, Connections between taxation, wage rate and the affection to leisure, 47-55 [Zbl 0848.90034]
Bossert, Walter; Stehling, Frank, Social preferences as optimal compromises, 56-64 [Zbl 0848.90001]
Bossert, Walter; Weymark, John A., An alternative characterization of Paretian generalized median social welfare functions, 65-74 [Zbl 0848.90002]
Buchholz, Wolfgang; Richter, Wolfram F., Tax deductibility of economic depreciation to ensure invariant valuations: The Johansson-Samuelson theorem reconsidered, 75-83 [Zbl 0848.90048]
Buhl, Hans Ulrich, Workers’ optimal shares and tax rates in a neo-classical model of distribution and wealth, 84-94 [Zbl 0848.90019]
Chipman, John S.; Tian, Guoqiang, Closed-form solutions of general intertemporal consumption-maximization models, 95-109 [Zbl 0848.90037]
Dierker, Egbert; Podczeck, Konrad, Modelling product differentiation: An application of the theory of functional equations, 110-120 [Zbl 0848.90044]
Ebert, Udo, Financing of public goods by Pigouvian taxes, 121-129 [Zbl 0849.90046]
Egle, Kuno; Fenyi, Szaniszlo, Stochastic interpretation of the Cornfield-Leontief multiplier process, 130-141 [Zbl 0849.90032]
Färe, Rolf; Grosskopf, Shawna, Nonparametric tests for cost constrained technologies, 142-148 [Zbl 0849.90017]
Feichtinger, Gustav, Strange addictive behaviour: Periodic and chaotic binges, 149-162 [Zbl 0849.90025]
Funke, Helmut; Lampe, Katja; Olt, Bernhard, How to achieve consistent paired ratio comparisons, 163-176 [Zbl 0849.90006]
Gaertner, Wulf, Rights and game forms, types of preference orderings, and Pareto inefficiency, 177-187 [Zbl 0849.90145]
Gehrig, Wilhelm, On the compatibility of generalized Hicks and wage-output-neutral technical progress, 189-193 [Zbl 0856.90016]
Gleißner, Winfried, Growth models in comparison, 194-206 [Zbl 0849.90026]
Hauke, Wolfgang; Opitz, Otto, Aggregation and graphical representation of input-output tables, 207-220 [Zbl 0849.90034]
Hellwig, Klaus; Speckbacher, Gerhard, Just intergenerational resource sharing: An axiomatic approach, 221-231 [Zbl 0849.90028]
Kämpke, Thomas; Radermacher, Franz Josef, Robust assessment of preference functions, 232-242 [Zbl 0849.90007]
Kogelschatz, Hartmut Martin, Bounds for the Frobenius root of non-negative matrices and an economic application, 243-248 [Zbl 0848.15018]
Krtscha, Manfred, The dependence of the price level on the expansion of the money supply in closed economies, 249-259 [Zbl 0849.90030]
Lambert, Peter J., Income tax progression and inequality reduction, 260-270 [Zbl 0849.90047]
Nermuth, Manfred, Different economic theories with the same formal structure: Risk, income inequality, information structures, etc, 271-277 [Zbl 0849.90038]
Pfingsten, Andreas; Wolff, Reiner, Endowment changes in economic equilibrium: The Dutch disease revisited, 278-287 [Zbl 0849.90045]
Primont, Daniel, Efficiency measures and input aggregation, 288-294 [Zbl 0849.90018]
Schweizer, Urs, Fundamental properties of a surplus function, 295-302 [Zbl 0849.90021]
Schworm, William, Factor augmenting representations of technological progress, 303-311 [Zbl 0849.90019]
Vogt, Arthur, The ghost and the machine, 312-322 [Zbl 0849.90039]
Weinhardt, Christof, The central role of efficiency in inequality and welfare measurement theory, 323-331 [Zbl 0849.90040]
Cambini, Alberto; Martein, Laura, An approach to optimality conditions in vector and scalar optimization, 345-358 [Zbl 0849.90102]
Chakravarty, Satya R., Oligopolies and aggregate market power, 359-369 [Zbl 0849.90036]
Christmann, Albert, Alternatives for the traditional overhead cost allocation, 370-381 [Zbl 0849.90020]
Domschke, Wolfgang; Schildt, Birgit, Deterministic dynamic multi-stage uncapacitated lot-sizing problems, 382-391 [Zbl 0849.90052]
Gaul, Wolfgang; Baier, Daniel, Product positioning based on knowledge-oriented support: A logical framework, 392-407 [Zbl 0848.90073]
Goldstein, Bernd H., Computation of optimal Dodge sampling plans in restricted classes according to the minimax regret criterion, 408-413 [Zbl 0846.62076]
Horst, Reiner; Thoai, N. V., Global optimization and the geometric complementarity problem, 414-422 [Zbl 0848.90112]
Lachmann, Matthias; Neumann, Klaus, A heuristic for multi-product, multi-period, single-level batch production, 423-433 [Zbl 0848.90065]
Lau, Lawrence J.; Schaible, Siegfried, The domain of monotonicity and concavity of the transcendental logarithmic unit cost function, 434-445 [Zbl 0848.90013]
Lovell, C. A. K.; Vanden Eeckaut, Philippe, Frontier tales: DEA and FDH, 446-457 [Zbl 0848.90014]
Morlok, Jürgen; Siegmund, Jan, The ecological disaster of Bitterfeld and Chicken games, 458-463 [Zbl 0848.90030]
Steffens, Franz, Some remarks on relational input-output-models, 464-474 [Zbl 0848.90024]
Waldmann, Karl-Heinz, A stopping problem, 475-484 [Zbl 0852.60050]
Bamberg, Günter, Share economy: What is the meaning of ”Marginal revenue equals marginal labor cost” in a stochastic model?, 487-493 [Zbl 0848.90011]
Diewert, W. E., Symmetric means and the expected utility theorem, 494-505 [Zbl 0848.90008]
Göppl, Hermann; Schütz, Heinrich, The design and implementation of a German stock price research index (Deutscher Aktien-Forschungsindex DAFOX), 506-519 [Zbl 0848.90025]
Heilmann, Wolf-Rüdiger; Sandleben, Wolf-Christian, On the rating of excess of loss reinsurance treaties with reinstatement, 520-529 [Zbl 0848.90040]
Morlock, Martin, Modelling optimal return of premiums in health insurance, 537-547 [Zbl 0848.90041]
Rauhut, Burkhard; Schmitz, Norbert, J. Wolfowitz’s method for constructing sequential minimax estimators, 548-561 [Zbl 0852.62072]
Schickinger, Walter F.; Heilmann, Wolf-Rüdiger, On the importance of mathematical models and methods to the insurance business, 562-575 [Zbl 0848.90042]
Schneeweiss, Hans, Canonical correlations in a two-blocks LISREL model, 576-584 [Zbl 0846.62046]
Spremann, Klaus, Intertemporal diversification under the constraint of withdrawls of additional deposits, 592-600 [Zbl 0848.90006]
Conrad, Klaus, The economic impact of environmental regulation: An AGE analysis under alternative treatments of technical change, 603-615 [Zbl 0848.90029]
Karmann, Alexander, Financial deregulation and macroeconomic stabilization rules, 622-631 [Zbl 0848.90049]
Krelle, Wilhelm, A problem of the transition from a planned to a market economy: Should firms be subsidized in order to avoid their bankrupcy?, 632-649 [Zbl 0848.90050]
Lenk, Hans; Maring, Matthias, Models in scientific economics – Domain of entities and approximation to reality, 665-672 [Zbl 0848.90021]
Stahlecker, Peter; Müller, Udo, On reasonable demands for avoidance and recycling regulations, 691-700 [Zbl 0848.90031]
Stehling, Frank, Wolfgang Eichhorn and the art of model building, VII-XXI [Zbl 0849.01021]
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