(SPSS/ PC+ user manual. Vol. 1: Data input, data management and simple statistical procedures). 2. überarb. Aufl. (SPSS/ PC+ Benutzerhandbuch. Bd 1: Dateneingabe, Datenmanagement und einfache statistische Verfahren. SPSS/ PC+ Base system (version 4), SPSS data input II.) (German) Zbl 0840.62001

Stuttgart: Gustav Fischer Verlag. xvi, 351 p. (1992).
Both volumes of this manual describe the use of SPSS/PC+, version 4.01. In addition, chapter 6 of the second volume contains the improvements of the version 5 of SPSS/PC+. This manual is only a description of the options of the program SPSS/PC+. It does not introduce into statistical methods. Each chapter of the manual offers the SPSS/PC+ -beginner a short introduction with simple examples. The main part of the work gives countless examples of the diversity of SPSS/PC+ and its tools. Since the manual has an extraordinary index it is also very helpful as a reference for experienced SPSS/PC+ users. In particular the following modules are described:
Part 1: SPSS/PC+ Base (description of the basics like data input and output, introduction to the “Review-Editor”); SPSS Data Entry II (introduction to basic statistical SPSS-procedures).
Part 2: SPSS/PC+ Professioanl Statistics; SPSS/PC+ Advanced Statistics (advanced statistical procedures such as multifactorial variance analysis, cluster analysis, correlations, factor analysis, discriminant analysis, and many more); SPSS/PC+ tables; SPSS/PC+ graphics; SPSS/PC+ Graph-in-the-Box (the last three module descriptions refer to the graphic functions and procedures of SPSS/PC+).
Reviewer: B.Kuhfahl (Berlin)


62-04 Software, source code, etc. for problems pertaining to statistics
62-00 General reference works (handbooks, dictionaries, bibliographies, etc.) pertaining to statistics


Zbl 0840.62002