Potential theory – ICPT ’94. Proceedings of the international conference, Kouty, Czech Republic, August 13–20, 1994. (English) Zbl 0844.00023

Berlin: deGruyter. ix, 499 p. ; (1996).

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The articles of this volume will be reviewed individually. The preceding conference (1991) has been reviewed (see Zbl 0791.00022).
Indexed articles:
Bauer, Heinz, Recollections, reflections, results. Introductory thoughts to the ICPT 1994, 1-8 [Zbl 0868.31011]
Bouleau, Nicolas, Constructions of Dirichlet structures, 9-25 [Zbl 0861.31003]
Choquet, Gustave, The mental process of creation, 27-49 [Zbl 0962.00509]
Gardiner, Stephen J., Harmonic approximation, 51-65 [Zbl 0858.31006]
Hansen, Wolfhard, Restricted mean value property and harmonic functions, 67-90 [Zbl 0857.31001]
Havin, Victor P., Approximation properties of harmonic vector fields and differential forms, 91-102 [Zbl 0862.58001]
Malý, Jan, Nonlinear potentials and quasilinear PDE’s, 103-128 [Zbl 0857.35046]
Mattila, Pertti, Removability, geometric measure theory, and singular integrals, 129-146 [Zbl 0883.28006]
Siciak, Józef, Bernstein-Walsh type theorems for pluriharmonic functions, 147-166 [Zbl 0856.31007]
Verchota, Gregory C., Potentials for the Dirichlet problem in Lipschitz domains, 167-187 [Zbl 0858.35033]
Woess, Wolfgang, Dirichlet problem at infinity for harmonic functions on graphs, 189-217 [Zbl 0862.31004]
Aikawa, Hiroaki; Borichev, Alexandr A., Quasiadditivity and measure property of capacity and the tangential boundary behavior of harmonic functions, 219-227 [Zbl 0855.31003]
Armitage, David H., The Riesz-Herglotz representation for positive harmonic functions via Choquet’s theorem, 229-232 [Zbl 0856.31003]
Ben Nahia, Zouhir; Ben Salem, Nejib, Spherical harmonics and applications associated with the Weinstein operator, 233-241 [Zbl 0858.33008]
Ben Nahia, Zouhir; Ben Salem, Nejib, On a mean value property associated with the Weinstein operator, 243-253 [Zbl 0858.35006]
Beznea, Lucian; Boboc, Nicu, Once more about the semipolar sets and regular excessive functions, 255-274 [Zbl 0864.31010]
Bezzarga, Mounir; Bucur, Gheorghe, Duality for semi-dynamical systems, 275-286 [Zbl 0861.31006]
Björn, Anders, Removable singularities for Hardy spaces in subdomains of \(\mathbb{C}\), 287-295 [Zbl 0893.30025]
Bliedtner, Jürgen, Approximation by harmonic functions, 297-302 [Zbl 0857.31004]
Bliedtner, Jürgen; Loeb, Peter A., Generalized radial limits and the best approach to boundaries, 303-309 [Zbl 0857.31005]
Boboc, Nicu; Bucur, Gheorghe, Dilation operators in excessive structures; existence and uniqueness, 311-339 [Zbl 0866.31009]
Brzezina, Miroslav; Šimůnková, Martina, On the harmonic morphism for the Kolmogorov type operators, 341-357 [Zbl 0854.31003]
Hmissi, Mohamed, Potentials and attractors of a dynamical system, 359-365 [Zbl 0909.54037]
Jacob, Niels, Various approaches to the Dirichlet problem for non-local operators satisfying the positive maximum principle, 367-375 [Zbl 0860.35154]
Kröger, Pawel, Estimates for eigenvalues of the Laplacian, 377-382 [Zbl 0857.35097]
Latvala, Visa, Fine \({\mathcal A}\)-supersolutions and finely \({\mathcal A}\)-superharmonic functions, 383-388 [Zbl 0860.31004]
Leutwiler, Heinz, Remarks on modified Clifford analysis, 389-397 [Zbl 0857.30038]
Malyshev, Peter V.; Malyshev, Dmitry V., Electric fields in domains with complicated structure, 399-411 [Zbl 0856.31006]
Metz, Volker, Renormalization on fractals, 413-422 [Zbl 0857.31007]
Moore, Charles N., Estimates for the density of the area integral, 423-432 [Zbl 0889.42016]
Popa, Eugen; Popa, Liliana, Tensor product of standard \(H\)-cones and duality, 433-442 [Zbl 0861.31007]
Pyrih, Pavel, An example of packing related small sets, 443-447 [Zbl 0852.30026]
Schilling, René L., On the domain of the generator of a subordinate semigroup, 449-462 [Zbl 0857.47025]
Watanabe, Hisako, The double layer potentials for a bounded domain with fractal boundary, 463-471 [Zbl 0854.31001]


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