Dummett on analysis and cognitive synonymy. (English) Zbl 0844.01008

Czermak, Johannes (ed.), Philosophy of mathematics. Proceedings of the 15th international Wittgenstein-Symposium, 16-23 August 1992, Kirchberg am Wechsel, Austria. Part I. Wien: Hölder-Pichler-Tempsky. Schriftenreihe der Wittgenstein-Gesellschaft. 20/I, 77-85 (1993).
The author discusses the aspect of synonymy in Gottlob Frege’s theories of analytic and constructive definitions (section 2), Michael Dummett’s transparency thesis, i.e., Dummett’s explanation of Frege’s later preference for stipulative (constructive) definitions over analytic ones by the possible failure of the “transparency of sense” in contrast with the “opacity of reference” (section 3), and Frege’s criterion for sense identity with respect to sentences other than synonymous definitions.
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01A55 History of mathematics in the 19th century
03-03 History of mathematical logic and foundations
03A05 Philosophical and critical aspects of logic and foundations

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Dummett, M.