On minimizing measures of the action of autonomous Lagrangians. (English) Zbl 0845.58023

Using the theory of J. N. Mather [Math. Z. 207, No. 2, 169–207 (1991; Zbl 0716.58020)] the author describes some dynamical properties of trajectories of the Euler-Lagrange flow associated to the Lagrangian \(L\) which are contained in the support of a probability \(\mu\) which have a given rotation vector and minimizes the action function \(A_L(\mu)=\int L\,d\mu\). It is shown that the minimal action function \(\beta(h)=\min\{\int L\,d\mu:\rho(\mu)=h\}\), has radial derivative, (where \(\rho(\mu)\in H_1(M,\mathbb R)\) is the homology vector of the invariant probability \(\mu\)) and that there exists a one-to-one correspondence between minimizing measures for Lagrangians associated to mechanical systems and minimizing measures for the geodesic problem on a fixed energy level.


58E30 Variational principles in infinite-dimensional spaces
37J50 Action-minimizing orbits and measures (MSC2010)


Zbl 0716.58020
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