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Logic and algebra. Proceedings of the international conference dedicated to the memory of Roberto Magari, April 26–30, 1994, Pontignano, Italy. (English) Zbl 0846.00022
Lecture Notes in Pure and Applied Mathematics. 180. New York, NY: Marcel Dekker. xv, 702 p. (1996).

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Indexed articles:
Artëmov, Sergej; Chuprina, Artëm, Logic of proofs with complexity operators, 1-24 [Zbl 0857.03007]
Comini, Marco; Levi, Giorgio, Beyond the \(s\)-semantics: A theory of observables, 25-67 [Zbl 0855.68059]
Finberg, David; Mainetti, Matteo; Rota, Gian-Carlo, The logic of commuting equivalence relations, 69-96 [Zbl 0862.03039]
Girard, Jean-Yves, Proof-nets: The parallel syntax for proof-theory, 97-124 [Zbl 0868.03025]
Hájek, Petr, Magari and others on Gödel’s ontological proof, 125-135 [Zbl 0859.03010]
Hendriks, Lex; de Jongh, Dick, Finitely generated Magari algebras and arithmetic, 137-160 [Zbl 0865.03053]
Lambek, J., The butterfly and the serpent, 161-179 [Zbl 0868.08002]
Lawvere, F. William, Adjoints in and among bicategories, 181-189 [Zbl 0862.18002]
Macintyre, Angus J., Exponential algebra, 191-210 [Zbl 0891.12006]
McKenzie, Ralph, An algebraic version of categorical equivalence for varieties and more general algebraic categories, 211-243 [Zbl 0859.08006]
Pixley, Alden F., Boolean universal algebra, 245-266 [Zbl 0859.08005]
Wille, Rudolf, Restructuring mathematical logic: An approach based on Peirce’s pragmatism, 267-281 [Zbl 0907.03007]
Zappa, Guido, The development of research in algebra in Italy from 1850 to 1940, 283-291 [Zbl 0929.01020]
Aguzzi, G.; Modigliani, U., A criterion to decide the semantic matching problem, 293-315 [Zbl 0855.68048]
Beklemishev, Lev, Remarks on Magari algebras of \(\text{PA}\) and \(\text{I}\Delta_ 0 + \text{EXP}\), 317-325 [Zbl 0855.03038]
Bellè, Dorella; Parlamento, Franco, Undecidability in weak membership theories, 327-337 [Zbl 0858.03014]
Berarducci, Alessandro, Infinite \(\lambda\)-calculus and non-sensible models, 339-377 [Zbl 0857.03005]
Berman, Joel; Burris, Stanley, A computer study of 3-element groupoids, 379-429 [Zbl 0858.08001]
Chajda, Ivan, Ideal properties in congruences, 431-436 [Zbl 0861.08008]
Davey, Brian A., Dualisability in general and endodualisability in particular, 437-455 [Zbl 0863.08002]
Di Nasso, Mauro, Hyperordinals and nonstandard \(\alpha\)-models, 457-475 [Zbl 0855.03041]
Ferreira, Fernando, Some notes on subword quantification and induction thereof, 477-489 [Zbl 0855.03033]
Forcheri, Paola; Gentilini, Paolo; Molfino, Maria Teresa, Research in automated deduction as a basis for a probabilistic proof-theory, 491-527 [Zbl 0874.03012]
Kearnes, Keith A., Idempotent simple algebras, 529-572 [Zbl 0861.08001]
Magari, Roberto; Simi, Giulia, A revision of the mathematical part of Magari’s paper on ”Introduction to metamorality”, 573-587 [Zbl 0860.90003]
Maietti, Maria Emilia, Some aspects of the categorical semantics for the polymorphic \(\lambda\)-calculus, 589-601 [Zbl 0859.03008]
Matthews, Sean; Simpson, Alex K., Reflection using the derivability conditions, 603-616 [Zbl 0858.03055]
Negri, Sara, Stone based, alias the constructive content of Stone representation, 617-636 [Zbl 0862.03035]
Pedicchio, M. Christina, On \(k\)-permutability for categories of \(T\)-algebras, 637-646 [Zbl 0863.08010]
Pizzi, Claudio, Weak vs. strong Boethius’ Thesis: A problem in the analysis of consequential implication, 647-654 [Zbl 0859.03009]
Sambin, Giovanni, A new and elementary method to represent every complete Boolean algebra, 655-665 [Zbl 0863.06010]
Skvortsov, Dimitrij, On finite intersections of intermediate predicate logics, 667-688 [Zbl 0882.03022]
Valentini, Silvio, A completeness theorem for formal topologies, 689-702 [Zbl 0862.03036]

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03-06 Proceedings, conferences, collections, etc. pertaining to mathematical logic and foundations
08-06 Proceedings, conferences, collections, etc. pertaining to general algebraic systems
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Magari, Roberto