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Computer science logic. 8th workshop, CSL ’94, Kazimierz, Poland, September 25-30, 1994. Selected papers. (English) Zbl 0847.00048
Lecture Notes in Computer Science. 933. Berlin: Springer-Verlag. ix, 541 p. (1995).

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The articles of mathematical interest will be reviewed individually. The fifth conference (1991) has been reviewed (see Zbl 0772.68004).
Indexed articles:
Aspinall, David, Subtyping with singleton types, 1-15 [Zbl 1044.68541]
Bono, Viviana; Liquori, Luigi, A subtyping for the Fisher-Honsell-Mitchell lambda calculus of objects, 16-30 [Zbl 1044.03507]
Braüner, Torben, The Girard translation extended with recursion, 31-45 [Zbl 1044.03508]
Compagnoni, Adriana B., Decidability of higher-order subtyping with intersection types, 46-60 [Zbl 1044.03520]
Herbelin, Hugo, A \(\lambda\)-caclulus structure isomorphic to Gentzen-style sequent calculus structure, 61-75 [Zbl 1044.03509]
Kuper, Jan, Usability: Formalising (un)definedness in typed lambda calculus, 76-90 [Zbl 1044.03510]
Zaionc, Marek, Lambda representation of operations between different term algebras, 91-105 [Zbl 1044.03512]
Baaz, Matthias; Salzer, Gernot, Semi-unification and generalizations of a particularly simple form, 106-120 [Zbl 1044.03540]
Benton, P. N., A mixed linear and non-linear logic: Proofs, terms and models (extended abstract)., 121-135 [Zbl 1044.03543]
Gordeev, L., Cut free formalization of logic with finitely many variables. I., 136-150 [Zbl 1044.03539]
Pudlák, Pavel; Buss, Samuel R., How to lie without being (easily) convicted and the lengths of proofs in propositional calculus, 151-162 [Zbl 1044.03542]
Courcelle, Bruno, Monadic second-order logic and linear orderings of finite structures, 163-176 [Zbl 1044.03502]
Durand, Arnaud; Ranaivoson, Solomampionona, First-order spectra with one binary predicate, 177-189 [Zbl 1044.03523]
Grandjean, Etienne; Olive, Frédéric, Monadic logical definability of NP-complete problems, 190-204 [Zbl 1044.68629]
Lautemann, Clemens; Schwentick, Thomas; Thérien, Denis, Logics for context-free languages, 205-216 [Zbl 1044.68631]
Malmström, Anders, Log-approximable minimization problems on random inputs, 217-227 [Zbl 1044.68628]
McArthur, Monica, Convergence and 0-1 laws for \(L^k_{\infty,\omega}\) under arbitrary measures, 228-241 [Zbl 1044.03525]
Stolboushkin, Alexei P.; Taitslin, Michael A., Is first order contained in an initial segment of PTIME?, 242-248 [Zbl 1044.03527]
Finkelstein, Stacy E.; Freyd, Peter; Lipton, James, Logic programming in tau categories, 249-263 [Zbl 1044.68538]
Kriaučiukas, Valentinas; Walicki, Michał, Reasoning and rewriting with set-relations. I: Ground completeness, 264-278 [Zbl 1044.68650]
de Nivelle, Hans, Resolution games and non-liftable resolution orderings, 279-293 [Zbl 1044.03506]
Schulz, Klaus U., On existential theories of list concatenation, 294-308 [Zbl 1044.68539]
Tammet, Tanel, Completeness of resolution for definite answers with case analysis, 309-323 [Zbl 1044.03505]
Voda, Paul J., Subrecursion as a basis for a feasible programming language, 324-338 [Zbl 1044.68536]
Crole, Roy L.; Gordon, Andrew D., A sound metalogical semantics for input/output effects, 339-353 [Zbl 1044.68667]
Fairtlough, Matt; Mendler, Michael, An intuitionistic modal logic with applications to the formal verification of hardware, 354-368 [Zbl 1044.03514]
Lester, David; Mintchev, Sava, Towards machine-checked compiler correctness for higher-order pure functional languages, 369-381 [Zbl 1044.68546]
Moschovakis, Yiannis N.; Whitney, Glen T., Powerdomains, powerstructures and fairness, 382-396 [Zbl 1044.68668]
Piessens, Frank; Steegmans, Eric, Canonical forms for data-specifications, 397-411 [Zbl 1044.68669]
Hermida, Claudio; Jacobs, Bart, An algebraic view of structural induction, 412-426 [Zbl 1044.68678]
Hofmann, Martin, On the interpretation of type theory in locally Cartesian closed categories, 427-441 [Zbl 1044.03544]
Chagrov, Alexander V.; Shehtman, Valentin B., Algorithmic aspects of propositional tense logics, 442-455 [Zbl 1044.03513]
Cholewiński, Paweł, Stratified default theories, 456-470 [Zbl 1044.68812]
Klarlund, Nils, A homomorphism concept for \(\omega\)-regularity, 471-485 [Zbl 1044.68657]
Leivant, Daniel; Marion, Jean-Yves, Ramified recurrence and computational complexity. II: Substitution and poly-space, 486-500 [Zbl 1044.03526]
Marandjian, Hrant B., General form recursive equations. I, 501-511 [Zbl 1044.03530]
Rybakov, Vladimir V., Modal logics preserving admissible for S4 inference rules, 512-526 [Zbl 1044.03515]
Sazonov, Vladimir Yu., A bounded set theory with anti-foundation axiom and inductive definability, 527-541 [Zbl 1044.03532]

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