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An indirect adaptive pole placer for MIMO systems based on multirate sampling of the plant output. (English) Zbl 0848.93033
The adaptive pole placement problem is solved for MIMO linear systems by using multirate-output controllers (MROCs).
The system has the state space representation \(\dot x(t)= Ax(t)+ Bu(t)\), \(y(t)= Cx(t)\), where the triple \((A, B, C)\) is arbitrary and unknown, but it is controllable, observable and of known controllability and observability indices.
Multirate-output controllers contain a multirate sampling mechanism with different sampling period at each system output. An indirect adaptive control scheme is proposed, which estimates the controller parameters on line.
The determination of the MROC pole placers sought is based mainly on the transformation of the discrete analogue of the system under the control to a phase-variable canonical form prior to the application of the control design procedure. The advantages of these techniques are emphasized.

93C40 Adaptive control/observation systems
93C57 Sampled-data control/observation systems
93B55 Pole and zero placement problems
93C35 Multivariable systems, multidimensional control systems
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