Categorical topology and its relation to analysis, algebra and combinatorics. International conference CAT-TOP, Prague, Czechoslovakia, August 22-27, 1988. (English) Zbl 0849.18001

London: World Scientific. ix, 476 p. (1989).
The present volume contains a majority of the invited lectures. They can be roughly divided to the following topics:
1. A historical opening by S. MacLane;
2. Topos theory: M. Jibladze, P. T. Johnstone, J. Lambek;
3. Topological categories: P. R. Heath and K. H. Kamps, H. Herrlich, H. Lord;
4. Functional analysis: R. Beattie, H.-P. Butzmann, C.-A. Faure and A. Frölicher, H. Kleisli, L. D. Nel, J. W. Pelletier and J. Rosický, M. B. Younce;
5. Topological algebra: R. Frič and V. Koutník, K. H. Hofmann and S. A. Morris, M. G. Megrelishvili, H.-E. Porst;
6. General category theory: J. Adámek, H. Herrlich and J. Reiterman, B. Banaschewski, T. Datuashvili, D. Dikranjan and E. Giuli, D. Dikranjan, E. Giuli and W. Tholen, G. D. Dimov and W. Tholen, M. Grandis, G. Janelidze, G. Jarzembski, S. Salbany, V. Trnková;
7. Topology: A. V. Archangelskij and M. M. Čoban, H. L. Bentley, H. Herrlich and R. G. Ori, G. Richter.


18-06 Proceedings, conferences, collections, etc. pertaining to category theory
54B30 Categorical methods in general topology
18B30 Categories of topological spaces and continuous mappings (MSC2010)