Algorithmic learning theory. 7th international workshop, ALT ’96, Sydney, Australia, October 23–25, 1996. Proceedings. (English) Zbl 0856.68009

Lecture Notes in Computer Science. 1160. Berlin: Springer. xvii, 336 p. (1996).

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The articles of this volume will be reviewed individually. The 3rd workshop (1992) has been reviewed (see Zbl 0797.00022).
Indexed articles:
Takimoto, Eiji; Sakai, Yoshifumi; Maruoka, Akira, Learnability of exclusive-or expansion based on monotone DNF formulas, 12-25 [Zbl 1184.68296]
Long, Philip M., Improved bounds about on-line learning of smooth functions of a single variable, 26-36 [Zbl 1184.68289]
Nakamura, Atsuyoshi, Query learning of bounded-width OBDDs, 37-50 [Zbl 1184.68292]
Kleine Büning, Hans; Lettmann, Theodor, Learning a representation for optimizable formulas, 51-58 [Zbl 1184.68286]
Oliveira, Arlindo L.; Edwards, Stephen, Limits of exact algorithms for inference of minimum size finite state machines, 59-66 [Zbl 1184.68293]
Vitányi, Paul, Genetic fitness optimization using rapidly mixing Markov chains, 67-82 [Zbl 1184.68430]
Baxter, Rohan A.; Oliver, Jonathan J., The kindest cut: Minimum message length segmentation, 83-90 [Zbl 1184.68580]
Pearson, R. A.; Smith, E. K. T., Reducing complexity of decision trees with two variable tests, 91-99 [Zbl 1184.68476]
Arvind, V.; Vinodchandran, N. V., The complexity of exactly learning algebraic concepts, 100-112 [Zbl 1184.68279]
Fahmy, Amr F.; Roos, Robert S., Efficient learning of real time two-counter automata, 113-126 [Zbl 1184.68282]
Lavrač, Nada; Gamberger, Dragan; Turney, Peter, Cost-sensitive feature reduction applied to a hybrid genetic algorithm, 127-134 [Zbl 1184.68407]
Piramuthu, Selwyn, Effects of feature selection with ‘blurring’ on neurofuzzy systems, 135-142 [Zbl 1184.68422]
Quinlan, J. R., Boosting first-order learning, 143-155 [Zbl 1184.68423]
Bārzdiņš, Jānis; Sarkans, Ugis, Incorporating hypothetical knowledge into the process of inductive synthesis, 156-168 [Zbl 1184.68280]
Martin, Lionel; Vrain, Christel, Induction of constraint logic programs, 169-176 [Zbl 1184.68291]
Sugimoto, Noriko; Hirata, Kouichi; Ishizaka, Hiroki, Constructive learning of translations based on dictionaries, 177-184 [Zbl 1184.68295]
Lu, Jianguo; Arima, Jun, Inductive logic programming beyond logical implication, 185-198 [Zbl 1184.68290]
Gamberger, Dragan; Lavrač, Nada; Džeroski, Sašo, Noise elimination in inductive concept learning: A case study in medical diagnosis, 199-212 [Zbl 1184.68283]
Dowe, David L.; Oliver, Jonathan J.; Wallace, Chris S., MML estimation of the parameters of the spherical Fisher distribution, 213-227 [Zbl 1184.62085]
Lange, Steffen; Wiehagen, Rolf; Zeugmann, Thomas, Learning by erasing, 228-241 [Zbl 1184.68288]
Jain, Sanjay; Kinber, Efim; Wiehagen, Rolf, On learning and co-learning of minimal programs, 242-255 [Zbl 1184.68285]
Shinohara, Takeshi; Arimura, Hiroki, Inductive inference of unbounded unions of pattern languages from positive data, 256-271 [Zbl 1184.68294]
Krishna Rao, M. R. K., A class of Prolog programs inferable from positive data, 272-284 [Zbl 1184.68287]
Case, John; Jain, Sanjay; Stephan, Frank, Vacillatory and BC learning on noisy data, 285-298 [Zbl 1184.68281]
Ambainis, Andris; Freivalds, Rūsiņs, Transformations that preserve learnability, 299-311 [Zbl 1184.68278]
Vīksna, Juris, Probabilistic limit identification up to “small” sets, 312-324 [Zbl 1184.68297]
Grieser, Gunter, Reflecting inductive inference machines and its improvement by therapy, 325-336 [Zbl 1184.68284]


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68Q32 Computational learning theory
68T05 Learning and adaptive systems in artificial intelligence


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