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Algebraic and logic programming. 5th international conference, ALP ’96, Aachen, Germany, September 25–27, 1996. Proceedings. (English) Zbl 0856.68011
Lecture Notes in Computer Science. 1139. Berlin: Springer. viii, 344 p. (1996).

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The articles of this volume will be reviewed individually. The 2nd conference (1990) has been reviewed (see Zbl 0763.68011).
Indexed articles:
Alounini, Ilies; Kirchner, Claude, Toward the concurrent implementation of computational systems, 1-31 [Zbl 1355.68045]
Di Pierro, Alessandra; Drabent, Włodzimierz, On negation as instantiation, 32-46 [Zbl 1355.68032]
García de la Banda, María; Hermengildo, Manuel; Marriott, Kim, Independence in dynamically scheduled logic languages, 47-61 [Zbl 1355.68036]
Benhamou, Frédéric, Heterogeneous constraint solving, 62-76 [Zbl 1355.68030]
Fages, François; Gori, Roberta, A hierarchy of semantics for normal constraint logic programs, 77-91 [Zbl 1355.68034]
Csaba Ölveczky, Peter; Lysne, Olav, Order-sorted termination: the unsorted way, 92-106 [Zbl 1355.68134]
Marchiori, Massimo, Unravelings and ultra-properties, 107-121 [Zbl 1355.68142]
Suzuki, Taro, Standardization theorem revisited, 122-134 [Zbl 1355.68143]
Khasidashvili, Zurab; Glauert, John, Discrete normalization and standardization in deterministic residual structures, 135-149 [Zbl 1355.68139]
Caires, Luís, A language for the logical specification of processes and relations, 150-164 [Zbl 1355.68031]
Brim, Luboš; Jacquet, Jean-Marie; Gilbert, David; Křetínský, Mojmír, A process algebra for synchronous concurrent constraint programming, 165-178 [Zbl 1355.68191]
Ancona, Davide; Zucca, Elena, An algebraic approach to mixins and modularity, 179-193 [Zbl 1355.68046]
Faßbender, Heinz; Maneth, Sebastian, A strict border for the decidability of \(E\)-unification for recursive functions, 194-208 [Zbl 1355.68052]
Marchiori, Elena, Prime factorizations of abstract domains using first-order logic, 209-223 [Zbl 1355.68056]
Volpe, Paolo, Abstractions of uniform proofs, 224-237 [Zbl 1355.68060]
Giacobazzi, Roberto; Ranzato, Francesco, Complementing logic program semantics, 238-253 [Zbl 1355.68037]
Kennaway, Richard; van Oostrom, Vincent; de Vries, Fer-Jan, Meaningless terms in rewriting, 254-268 [Zbl 1355.68138]
Mano, Ken; Ogawa, Mizuhito, Unique normal form property of higher-order rewriting systems, 269-283 [Zbl 1355.68141]
Ferreira, Maria C. F.; Kesner, Delia; Puel, Laurence, \(\lambda\)-calculi with explicit substitutions and composition which preserve \(\beta\)-strong normalization, 284-298 [Zbl 1355.68039]
Almendros-Jiménez, J. M.; Gavilanes-Franco, A.; Gil-Luezas, A., Algebraic semantics for functional logic programming with polymorphic order-sorted types, 299-313 [Zbl 1355.68172]
Nazareth, Dieter, Specifying type systems, 314-329 [Zbl 1355.68057]
Nazareth, Dieter, The semantic treatment of polymorphic specification languages, 330-344 [Zbl 1355.68058]

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00B25 Proceedings of conferences of miscellaneous specific interest
68Nxx Theory of software
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