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Group theory in China. Dedicated to Hsio-Fu Tuan on the occasion of his 82nd birthday. (English) Zbl 0857.00013
Mathematics and its Applications (Dordrecht). 365. Dordrecht: Kluwer Academic Publishers. New York, NY: Science Press. 261 p. (1996).

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Indexed articles:
Chen, Chonghu, Generalized simple groups of Lie type, 1-3 [Zbl 0979.20501]
Chen, Z. M., Abstract group theory, 4-30 [Zbl 0878.20012]
Fan, Yun, Several questions about finite group representations and their applications, 31-40 [Zbl 0870.20008]
Li, Fuan; You, Hong, Recent progress on classical groups and algebraic \(K\)-theory in China, 41-56 [Zbl 0879.20024]
Li, Huiling, Some work on the connection between groups and combinatorics, 57-69 [Zbl 0873.20018]
Li, Shangzhi, On the subgroup structure of classical groups, 70-90 [Zbl 0879.20026]
Lu, Caihui; Zhang, Hechun; Zhao, Kaiming, Complex Lie algebras in China, 91-115 [Zbl 0870.17016]
Shen, Guangyu, Lie algebras of prime characteristic, 116-129 [Zbl 0870.17015]
Shi, Jianyi, Left cells in certain Coxeter groups, 130-148 [Zbl 0871.20036]
Shi, Shengming; Zhang, Jiping, Some works on modular representations of finite groups, 149-162 [Zbl 0873.20008]
Shi, W. J., The quantitative structure of groups and related topics, 163-181 [Zbl 0872.20026]
Wan, Zhexian, Survey on geometry of classical groups over finite fields and its applications, 182-202 [Zbl 0873.20035]
Wang, Jianpan; Ye, Jiachen, Representation theory of algebraic and quantum groups in China, 203-223 [Zbl 0952.20036]
Xu, Mingyao, Some work on vertex-transitive graphs by Chinese mathematicians, 224-254 [Zbl 0878.05045]
Yan, Zhida; Hou, Zixin, Some new developments in the study of differential geometry of homogeneous spaces, 255-261 [Zbl 0867.53044]
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20-06 Proceedings, conferences, collections, etc. pertaining to group theory
22-06 Proceedings, conferences, collections, etc. pertaining to topological groups
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Tuan, Hsio-Fu