Computational differentiation: techniques, applications, and tools. Proceedings of the second international workshop on computational differentiation, February 12–14, 1996. (English) Zbl 0857.00033

Philadelphia, PA: SIAM, Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics. xvi, 421 p. (1996).

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Indexed articles:
Rall, Louis B.; Corliss, George F., An introduction to automatic differentiation, 1-18 [Zbl 0940.65019]
Berz, Martin, Calculus and numerics on Levi-Civita fields, 19-35 [Zbl 0878.65013]
Shamseddine, Khodr; Berz, Martin, Exception handling in derivative computation with nonarchimedean calculus, 37-51 [Zbl 0878.65014]
Pusch, Gordon D., Jet space as the geometric arena to automatic differentiation, 53-62 [Zbl 0878.65015]
Makino, Kyoko; Berz, Martin, Remainder differential algebras and their applications, 63-74 [Zbl 0867.68062]
Kearfott, R. Baker, Automatic differentiation of conditional branches in an operator overloading context, 75-81 [Zbl 0940.65020]
Bischof, Christian H.; Haghighat, Mohammad R., Hierarchical approaches to automatic differentiation, 83-94 [Zbl 0874.65012]
Grimm, José; Pottier, Loïc; Rostaing-Schmidt, Nicole, Optimal time and minimum space-time product for reversing a certain class of programs, 95-106 [Zbl 0866.65016]
Christianson, Bruce; Dixon, Laurence; Brown, Steven, Sharing storage using dirty vectors., 107-115 [Zbl 1076.65545]
Faure, Christéle, Splitting of algebraic expressions for automatic differentiation, 117-127 [Zbl 0871.65013]
Chavent, Guy; Jaffré, Jérôme; Jégou, Sophie; Liu, Jun, A symbolic code generator for parameter estimation, 129-136 [Zbl 0868.65085]
Benary, Jochen, Parallelism in the reverse mode, 137-147 [Zbl 0866.65017]
Coleman, Thomas F.; Verma, Arun, Structure and efficient Jacobian calculation, 149-159 [Zbl 0869.65012]
Geitner, Uwe; Utke, Jean; Griewank, Andreas, Automatic computation of sparse Jacobians by applying the method of Newsam and Ramsdell, 161-172 [Zbl 0869.65013]
Gay, David M., More AD of nonlinear AMPL models: Computing Hessian information and exploiting partial separability, 173-184 [Zbl 0866.65018]
Goldman, Victor V.; Cats, Gerard, Automatic adjoint modeling within a program generation framework: a case study for a weather forecasting grid-point model., 185-194 [Zbl 1076.86500]
Griffith, Anne K.; Nichols, Nancy K., Accounting for model error in data assimilation using adjoint models, 195-204 [Zbl 0870.76064]
Park, Seon Ki; Droegemeier, Kelvin K.; Bischof, Christian H., Automatic differentiation as a tool for sensitivity analysis of a convective storm in a 3-D cloud model, 205-214 [Zbl 0932.76071]
Campbell, Stephen L.; Hollenbeck, Richard, Automatic differentiation and implicit differential equations, 215-227 [Zbl 0879.65044]
Guckenheimer, John, Computer proofs for bifurcations of planar dynamical systems, 229-237 [Zbl 0876.65053]
Feehery, William F.; Barton, Paul I., A differentiation-based approach to dynamic simulation and optimization with high-index differential-algebraic equations, 239-252 [Zbl 0879.65045]
Utke, Jean, Efficient Newton steps without Jacobians, 253-264 [Zbl 0870.65040]
Jerrell, Max E., Estimation of econometric functions, 265-272 [Zbl 0871.65119]
Juedes, David W.; Balakrishnan, Karthik, Generalized neural networks, computational differentiation, and evolution, 273-285 [Zbl 0871.65014]
Hassold, Eric; Galligo, André, Automatic differentiation applied to convex optimization, 287-296 [Zbl 0878.65046]
Klein, Wolfram, Comparisons of different automatic differentiation tools in circuit simulation, 297-307 [Zbl 0868.65007]
Mohammadi, Bijan; Malé, Jean-Michel; Rostaing-Schmidt, Nicole, Automatic differentiation in direct and reverse modes: Application to optimum shapes design in fluid mechanics, 309-318 [Zbl 0932.76069]
Eberhard, Peter, Adjoint variable method for sensitivity analysis of multibody systems interpreted as a continuous, hybrid form of automatic differentiation, 319-328 [Zbl 0870.70002]
Hutschenreiter, Ulf, A new method for bevel gear tooth flank computation, 329-341 [Zbl 0895.70002]
Carle, Alan; Fagan, Mike, Imroving derivative performance for CFD by using simplified recurrences, 343-351 [Zbl 0873.76056]
Monagan, Michael B.; Rodoni, René R., An implementation of the forward and reverse modes of automatic differentiation in Maple., 353-362 [Zbl 1076.65500]
Kubota, Koichi, PADRE2 – Fortran precompiler for automatic differentiation and estimates of rounding errors, 367-374 [Zbl 0868.65008]
Shiriaev, Dmitri; Griewank, Andreas, ADOL-F: Automatic differentiation of Fortran codes, 375-384 [Zbl 0866.65019]
Bischof, Christian; Carle, Alan, Users’ experience with ADIFOR 2.0, 385-392 [Zbl 0866.65020]
Yang, Wenhong; Corliss, George F., Bibliography of computational differentiation, 393-418 [Zbl 0866.65015]


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