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Algebra and analysis. Proceedings of the international centennial Chebotarev conference, Kazan, Russia, June 5-11, 1994. (English) Zbl 0859.00022
Berlin: Walter de Gruyter. viii, 163 p. (1996).

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Indexed articles:
Alekseevsky, Dmitri V.; Spiro, Andrea F., Generalized reductive homogeneous spaces and quasi-graded semisimple Lie algebras, 1-22 [Zbl 0881.17029]
Baily, Walter L. jun., A problem on an exponential domain, 23-29 [Zbl 0915.14006]
Chugunov, V. A.; Èskin, L. D.; Tonkonog, S. L., Methods of group analysis in dynamics of non-Newtonian fluid, 31-40 [Zbl 0874.35004]
Cooper, S. Barry, Discontinuous phenomena and Turing definability, 41-55 [Zbl 0871.03034]
Jordan, David A., Iterated skew polynomial rings and simple modules, 57-73 [Zbl 0874.16021]
Koch, Helmut, The completeness principle for the Golay codes and some related codes, 75-80 [Zbl 0870.94037]
Kostrikin, A. I.; Kuznetsov, M. I., Finite-dimensional Lie algebras with a nonsingular derivation, 81-90 [Zbl 0890.17024]
Kulikov, Vic. S., The irregularity of cyclic multiple plane curves, 91-102 [Zbl 0949.14019]
Shafarevich, I. R., On the arithmetic of singular \(K3\)-surfaces, 103-108 [Zbl 0947.14020]
Shioda, Tetsuji, The algebraic equation of type \(E_ 6\) and Chebotarev density, 109-114 [Zbl 0891.12004]
Skryabin, Serge, Independent systems of derivations and Lie algebra representations, 115-150 [Zbl 0878.17004]
Voskresenskii, V. E., Theory of invariants and Galois modules, 151-157 [Zbl 0948.14041]
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Biographic References:
Chebotarev, N. G.