New trends in microlocal analysis. (English) Zbl 0859.00023

Tokyo: Springer. viii, 242 p. (1997).

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Indexed articles:
Bony, Jean-Michel, Fourier integral operators and Weyl-Hörmander calculus, 3-21 [Zbl 0885.35154]
Lerner, Nicolas, The Wick calculus of pseudo-differential operators and energy estimates, 23-37 [Zbl 0893.35144]
Morimoto, Mitsuo; Fujita, Keiko, Eigenfunctions of the Laplacian of exponential type, 39-58 [Zbl 0877.35082]
Moritoh, Shinya, Wavelet transforms and operators in various function spaces, 59-68 [Zbl 0878.35124]
Okada, Yasunori; Yamane, Hideshi, Characteristic Cauchy problems in the complex domain, 69-80 [Zbl 0886.35009]
Uchikoshi, Keisuke, Stokes operators for microhyperbolic equations, 81-99 [Zbl 0871.35003]
Aoki, Takashi, Instanton-type formal solutions to the second Painlevé equation with a large parameter, 103-112 [Zbl 0873.34047]
Gérard, Christian, Pseudodifferential and Fourier integral operators in scattering theory, 113-115 [Zbl 0872.35141]
Kawai, Takahiro; Stapp, Henry P., On infrared singularities, 117-123 [Zbl 0887.47047]
Kozono, Hideo; Yamazaki, Masao, The Navier-Stokes equation with distributions as initial data and application to self-similar solutions, 125-141 [Zbl 0874.35087]
Tajima, Shinichi, Bloch function in an external electric field and Berry-Buslaev phase, 143-156 [Zbl 0869.35093]
Andronikof, Emmanuel, An application of symbol calculus., 159-164 [Zbl 1156.58304]
Andronikof, Emmanuel; Tose, Nobuyuki, Elliptic boundary value problems in the space of distributions, 165-169 [Zbl 0877.58053]
Boutet de Monvel, Louis, On the holonomic character of the elementary solution of a partial differential operator, 171-177 [Zbl 0878.35003]
D’Agnolo, Andrea; Schapira, Pierre, Kernel calculus and extension of contact transformation to \(D\)-modules, 179-190 [Zbl 0872.32007]
Honda, Naofumi, Microfunction solutions of holonomic systems with irregular singularities, 191-204 [Zbl 0872.35005]
Oaku, Toshinori, Some algorithmic aspects of the \(D\)-module theory, 205-223 [Zbl 0872.32008]
Takeuchi, Kiyoshi, On higher-codimensional boundary value problems, 225-234 [Zbl 0889.58072]
Uchida, Motoo, Kashiwara’s microlocal analysis of the Bergman kernel for domains with corner, 235-242 [Zbl 0878.35004]


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