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The end of chaos? (Slovak) Zbl 0863.39001
The paper provides an interesting contribution to the discussion of certain aspects related to the mathematical concept of chaos. Some existing results and discussions in this direction are briefly recalled and summarized. The primary aim of the paper is to discuss the possibility of numerical simulations of the “chaotic” trajectories of dynamical systems in the light of the fact that computer simulations of iterative schemes contain numerical inaccuracies which make them useless after certain number of steps. This gives rise to a natural task of distinguishing the “true” chaotic behavior enabled by the mathematical theory from the “artificial” one, produced by the errors of computation. Some mathematical results in this direction are recalled. Also, some other recent achievements in the mathematical theory of chaos are addressed in a popular form. The paper is written in an excellent way and will be interesting for wide range of specialists in pure and applied mathematics.
39-01 Introductory exposition (textbooks, tutorial papers, etc.) pertaining to difference and functional equations
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