Factorization in integral domains. Based on the proceedings of the conference, March 21, 1996, and the special session in commutative ring theory, March 22–23, 1996, at the 909th meeting of the American Mathematical Society, Iowa City, IA, USA. (English) Zbl 0865.00039

Lecture Notes in Pure and Applied Mathematics. 189. New York, NY: Marcel Dekker. x, 432 p. ; (1997).

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Indexed articles:
Anderson, David F., Elasticity of factorizations in integral domains: A survey, 1-29 [Zbl 0903.13008]
Halter-Koch, Franz, Finitely generated monoids, finitely primary monoids, and factorization properties of integral domains, 31-72 [Zbl 0882.13027]
Chapman, Scott; Geroldinger, Alfred, Krull domains and monoids, their sets of lengths, and associated combinatorial problems, 73-112 [Zbl 0897.13001]
Geroldinger, Alfred, The catenary degree and tameness of factorizations in weakly Krull domains, 113-153 [Zbl 0897.13002]
Mott, Joe L., The theory of divisibility, 155-187 [Zbl 0936.13001]
Anderson, D. D.; Quintero, R. O., Some generalizations of GCD-domains, 189-195 [Zbl 0897.13020]
Anderson, D. D.; Valdes-Leon, Silvia, Factorization in commutative rings with zero divisors. II, 197-219 [Zbl 0878.13001]
Anderson, D. D.; Zafrullah, Muhammad, On \(t\)-invertibility. IV, 221-225 [Zbl 0882.13001]
Anderson, David F.; Park, Jaenam, Factorization in subrings of \(K[X]\) or \(K[[X]]\), 227-241 [Zbl 0902.13014]
Anderson, David F.; Winner, Janice, Factorization in \(K[[S]]\), 243-255 [Zbl 0898.13015]
Brennan, Joseph P., Invariant theory in characteristic \(p\): Hazlett’s symbolic method for binary quantics, 257-269 [Zbl 0896.14005]
Chabert, Jean-Luc; Chapman, Scott T.; Smith, William W., A basis for the ring of polynomials integer-valued on prime numbers, 271-284 [Zbl 0967.13015]
Costa, Douglas L., Factorization of bonds and other cash flows, 285-290 [Zbl 0880.90004]
Coykendall, Jim, A characterization of polynomial rings with the half-factorial property, 291-294 [Zbl 0886.13010]
Dobbs, David E., On characterizations of Prüfer domains using polynomials with unit content, 295-303 [Zbl 0908.13012]
Dobbs, David E., On flat divided prime ideals, 305-315 [Zbl 0936.13003]
Dobbs, David E., On Henselian pullbacks, 317-326 [Zbl 0873.13006]
Gilmer, Robert, An intersection condition for prime ideals, 327-331 [Zbl 0897.13006]
Guralnick, Robert; Wiegand, Roger, Genus class groups and separable base change, 333-347 [Zbl 0884.13004]
Halter-Koch, Franz, Generalized integral closures, 349-358 [Zbl 1017.13003]
Heinzer, William; Lantz, David, Coefficient and stable ideals in polynomial rings, 359-370 [Zbl 0897.13018]
Lewin, Rebecca L., Almost generalized GCD-domains, 371-382 [Zbl 0909.13009]
Li, Aihua; Wiegand, Sylvia, Polynomial behavior of prime ideals in polynomial rings and the projective line over \(\mathbb{Z}\), 383-399 [Zbl 0901.13020]
Lucas, Thomas G., Characterizing when \(R(X)\) is completely integrally closed, 401-415 [Zbl 0899.13008]
Roitman, Moshe, On root closure in noetherian domains, 417-428 [Zbl 0888.13001]


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