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Ordinal and symbolic data analysis. Proceedings of the international conference, OSDA 95, Paris, June 20–23, 1995. (English) Zbl 0866.00054

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Indexed articles:
Valtchev, Petko; Euzenat, Jérôme, Classification of concepts through products of concepts and abstract data types, 3-12 [Zbl 0899.92040]
Diday, Edwin; Emilion, Richard, Capacities and credibilities in analysis of probabilistic objects, 13-30 [Zbl 0904.62002]
Stumme, Gerd, Exploration tools in formal concept analysis, 31-44 [Zbl 0896.68133]
Sutcliffe, J. P., Explication of the nature of a “concept of a context” in the light of the nature of the “context” as implied by Aristotle’s theory, 45-57 [Zbl 0897.68109]
Émond, Gilles; Longeart, Maryvonne, Towards a spatial representation of conceptual structures, 58-69 [Zbl 0896.68134]
Grosskopf, Anja, Formal concept analysis of verb paradigms in linguistics, 70-79 [Zbl 0895.92044]
Zagoruiko, N. G., Knowledge analysis using the metrics in the knowledge space, 83-91 [Zbl 0896.68135]
Ichino, M.; Yaguchi, H.; Diday, E., A fuzzy symbolic pattern classifier, 92-102 [Zbl 0896.68124]
Ferraris, J.; Gettler-Summa, M.; Pardoux, C.; Tong, H., Knowledge extraction using stochastic matrices. Application to elaborate fishing strategies, 103-112 [Zbl 0896.68136]
Yaguchi, H.; Ichino, M.; Diday, E., A knowledge acquisition system based on the Cartesian space model, 113-122 [Zbl 0896.68116]
Linganagouda, Kulkarni, Normalization based dimensionality reduction of symbolic data: A new approach, 123-133 [Zbl 0896.68125]
Fleury, L.; Masson, Y., Comparison between some indices mainly used in machine learning, 137-146 [Zbl 0897.68089]
Gras, R.; Briand, H.; Peter, P., Structuration sets with implication intensity, 147-156 [Zbl 0896.68137]
Kant, J.-D., A connexionist approach for the automatic extraction of categorization rules from symbolic data, 157-166 [Zbl 0896.68122]
Sebban, M.; Rabaseda, S.; Boussaid, O., Contribution of related geometrical graphs in pattern recognition, 167-178 [Zbl 0896.68126]
Lerman, Israël César; Pinto da Costa, Joaquim F., Methodological developments in decision trees. An application to protein secondary structure prediction, 179-188 [Zbl 0903.92015]
Jappy, Pascal; Gascuel, Olivier, On the computational hardness of learning from structured symbolic data, 189-200 [Zbl 0896.68117]
Ciampi, A.; Diday, E.; Lebbe, J.; Périnel, E.; Vignes, R., Tree-growing with probabilistically imprecise data, 201-212 [Zbl 0902.62006]
Leclerc, Bruno, Minimum spanning trees and dissimilarity analysis, 215-224 [Zbl 0895.92040]
Geist, Silvia; Lengnink, Katja; Wille, Rudolf, An order-theoretic foundation for similarity measures, 225-237 [Zbl 0901.92040]
Batagelj, V.; Bren, M., Determining the distance index, 238-251 [Zbl 0908.92038]
Bonnot, F.; Guénoche, A.; Perrier, X., Properties of an order distance associated with a tree distance, 252-261 [Zbl 0901.92039]
Lebbe, Jacques; Vignes, Régine, Optimal hierarchical clustering with order constraint, 265-276 [Zbl 0922.92042]
Owsinski, Jan W., Clustering, distances and knowledge from data, 277-287 [Zbl 0901.92041]
Murty, M. N.; Jain, A. K., Knowledge-based clustering, 288-297 [Zbl 0896.68138]
McMorris, F. R.; Powers, R. C., Intersection rules for consensus hierarchies and pyramids, 301-308 [Zbl 0895.92041]
Charon, I.; Guénoche, A.; Hudry, O.; Woirgard, F., A Bonsaï branch and bound method applied to voting theory, 309-318 [Zbl 0897.90003]
Malishevski, A. V., Structural characterizations of the path independence property for set transformations, 319-327 [Zbl 0897.90009]
Chebotarev, P. Yu.; Shamis, E., On optimization models for aggregating incomplete preferences, 328-338 [Zbl 0897.90004]
Vladimirov, A., Axiomatic characterization of preference aggregation rules in infinite setting, 339-348 [Zbl 0897.90007]
Suck, Reinhard, The equivalence relation polytope and random classification and clustering, 352-358 [Zbl 0894.62077]
Baccini, A.; Besse, Ph.; de Falguerolles, A., A \(L_1\)-norm PCA and a heuristic approach, 359-368 [Zbl 0901.62077]

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