Nonlinear evolutionary partial differential equations. Proceedings of the international conference, Beijing, China, June 21–25, 1993. (English) Zbl 0869.00036

AMS/IP Studies in Advanced Mathematics. 3. Providence, RI: American Mathematical Society (AMS). xiii, 637 p. (1997).

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Boston, Brian; Glimm, James; Grove, John W.; Holmes, Richard; Zhang, Qiang, Multiscale structure for hyperbolic waves, 1-9 [Zbl 0882.35078]
Chen, Guiqiang, Euler-Poisson-Darboux equations and hyperbolic conservation laws, 11-25 [Zbl 0893.35091]
Dafermos, C. M., Entropy for hyperbolic systems of conservation laws in several space dimensions, 27-41 [Zbl 0916.35066]
Ding, Xiaxi, Some results on nonlinear evolution equations, 43-51 [Zbl 0900.35091]
Lax, Peter D., The zero dispersion limit, a deterministic analogue of turbulence, 53-64 [Zbl 0887.35126]
Liu, Tai-Ping, Nonlinear waves for viscous conservation laws, 65-74 [Zbl 0891.35093]
Mimura, M.; Sakamoto, K.; Ei, S.-I., Singular perturbation problems to a combustion equation in very long cylindrical domains, 75-84 [Zbl 0893.35010]
Smoller, J. A.; Wasserman, A. G., Particle-like solutions of the Einstein-Yang-Mills equations and the existence of an exotic black-hole solution, 85-89 [Zbl 0885.53076]
Zhou, Yulin; Guo, Boling, The large time behavior of Cauchy problem for a dissipative Benjamin-Ono type equation, 91-105 [Zbl 0893.35047]
Beale, J. Thomas; Hou, Thomas Y.; Lowengrub, John, Stability of boundary integral methods for water waves, 105-127 [Zbl 0885.35095]
Biro, Z.; Kersner, R., On the compactly supported solutions of KPP or Fischer type equations, 129-137 [Zbl 0882.35068]
Chang, Tung; Yang, Shuli, Delta waves in solutions of conservation laws, 139-155 [Zbl 0891.35084]
Chen, Shuxing, Solution to M-D Riemann problems for quasilinear hyperbolic system of proportional conservation laws, 157-173 [Zbl 0891.35088]
Freistühler, Heinrich, Contributions to the mathematical theory of magnetohydrodynamic shock waves, 175-187 [Zbl 0885.35096]
Gu, Yonggeng, Necessary and sufficient conditions of extinction and blow-up on some parabolic equations, 189-198 [Zbl 0885.35054]
Guo, Benyu; Chen, Zhixiong, Analytic solutions of Belousov-Zhabotinskii reaction, 199-211 [Zbl 0893.35050]
Guo, Boling; Hong, Minchun; Su, Fengqiu, The global attractors for the Landau-Lifshitz equation of the ferromagnetic spin chain on compact manifolds, 213-227 [Zbl 0882.35119]
Hoff, David, Discontinuous solutions of the Navier-Stokes equations for multidimensional, compressible flow, 229-236 [Zbl 0885.35091]
Hsiao, Ling, Global existence and qualitative behavior of solutions for the system of compressible adiabatic flow with damping, 237-245 [Zbl 0881.35072]
Hubert, Florence; Serre, Denis, Slow dynamics of linear waves in nonlinear systems of conservation laws, 247-260 [Zbl 0880.35070]
Jeffrey, A.; Lu, Y. G., A study of the global weak solution for the isentropic equations of a polytropic gas, 261-270 [Zbl 0884.35092]
Kawashima, Shuichi; Hattori, Harumi, Smooth shock profiles in viscoelasticity with memory, 271-281 [Zbl 0956.35085]
Li, Tatsien; Zhou, Yi; Kong, Dexing, Weak linear degeneracy and global existence of classical solutions for quasilineaer hyperbolic systems, 283-291 [Zbl 0885.35068]
Lin, Longwei, Survey of vacuum theory and conjecture, 293-305 [Zbl 0886.35117]
Luo, Peizhu, The initial value problem of a system of conservation laws, 307-309 [Zbl 0891.35086]
Marcati, P. A.; Natalini, R., Entropy solutions for a hydrodynamic model for semiconductors, 311-317 [Zbl 0880.35067]
Matsumura, Akitaka, A survey on stability of viscous shock profiles without genuine nonlinearity, 319-332 [Zbl 0885.35073]
Nishiura, Yasumasa; Suzuki, Hiromasa, Asymptotic configuration of stationary interfacial patterns for reaction diffusion systems, 333-348 [Zbl 0885.35006]
Qin, Mengzhao, A symplectic difference scheme for the PDEs, 349-354 [Zbl 0884.58050]
Schochet, Steven, The essence of Glimm’s scheme, 355-362 [Zbl 0882.35009]
Shen, Jie; Temam, Roger, Nonlinear Galerkin method using Legendre polynomials, 363-376 [Zbl 0884.35005]
Smoller, Joel; Temple, Blake, Multi-dimensional shock-waves for relativistic fluids, 377-391 [Zbl 0883.35078]
Sun, Hesheng, Nonlinear system of equations of mixed type and nonlinear complex equation of mixed type, 393-401 [Zbl 0884.35106]
Szepessy, Anders, On the stability of Broadwell shocks, 403-412 [Zbl 0906.76034]
Tan, Dechun, Riemann problem for hyperbolic combustion, 413-418 [Zbl 0891.35085]
Teng, Zhen-Huan, Optimal error estimates for viscosity method and monotone scheme to Riemann problem, 419-431 [Zbl 0882.35076]
Wu, Jianghang, A new framework of nonlinear hydrodynamics, 433-454 [Zbl 0882.35100]
Xin, Zhouping, Shock and boundary layer behavior of solutions to the broadwell equation in the fluid dynamic limit, 455-468 [Zbl 0901.35057]
Li, Zhou; Kanel, Ya. I., A new proof of existence of the wave front solutions for a kind of reaction-diffusion system, 469-481 [Zbl 0880.35055]
Motet-Bachelot, Agnès, Resonances of the Schwarzschild metric, 483-487 [Zbl 0900.35273]
Bachelot, Alain, Scattering operator for the Klein-Gordon equation on the Schwarzschild metric, 489-493 [Zbl 0900.35274]
Chen, Guowang; Yang, Zhijian, Periodic boundary value problem and Cauchy problem for generalized IMBq equation with several variables, 495-499 [Zbl 0889.35078]
Chen, Zuchi; Chen, Xiangdong, A degenerate reaction-diffusion problem, 501-504 [Zbl 0885.35057]
Fan, Engui; Wang, Yunbo, Cauchy problem for strongly damped nonlinear wave equations, 505-508 [Zbl 0880.35078]
Hanouzet, B.; Natalini, R., Systems of quasilinear hyperbolic equations with quadratic coupling, 509-513 [Zbl 0885.35067]
Huang, Jinyang, Large time step Glimm’s and Godonov’s schemes and their entropy consistency, 515-519 [Zbl 0882.35008]
Li, Kaitai; Ma, Yichen; Feng, Weibing, Nonlinear Galerkin method for Navier-Stokes equations in streamfunction form, 521-525 [Zbl 0881.76051]
Liu, Xiaoqing; Wu, Shengchang, A combined spectral-finite element method for a type of nonlinear two-dimensional Schrödinger equations, 527-531 [Zbl 0900.35376]
Liu, Fagui, Cauchy problem of nonisentropic gas dynamics equations, 533-536 [Zbl 0900.35235]
Lu, Guofu, Existence and uniqueness of global solution for certain degenerate reaction-diffusion systems, 537-541 [Zbl 0882.35069]
Makino, Tetu, On the spherically symmetric motion of self-gravitating isentropic gas surrounding a solid ball, 543-546 [Zbl 0885.35099]
Morita, Yoshohisa, Dynamics on the attractor for reaction-diffusion systems in higher space dimensions, 547-551 [Zbl 0884.35065]
Qu, Chaochun; Chen, Fengxin, Finite dimensionality of attractors of magnetic flow equation, 553-557 [Zbl 0883.35096]
Ng Sze Kui, On a complex dynamical and dissipative structure of partial differential equations, 559-563 [Zbl 0892.35132]
Wang, Mingxin, Global behavior of positive solutions to a quasilinear parabolic equation with nonlinear boundary absorption, 565-570 [Zbl 0892.35089]
Wang, Weike, Interaction of three progressing waves with different singularities for semilinear wave equations, 571-575 [Zbl 0900.35243]
Wang, Xuefeng, A two-dimensional Stefan problem with nonlinear convection, 577-581 [Zbl 0900.35443]
Wang, Yuanming; Guan, Ping, Some problems on semiconductor equations, 583-587 [Zbl 0900.35405]
Wu, Yong-Hui; Wang, Ming-Xin, Existence and nonexistence of global solution of nonlinear parabolic equation with nonlinear boundary condition, 589-593 [Zbl 0900.35204]
Yang, Shuli, Spirals for Riemann problems in multipieces for 2-D Euler equations by using MmB schemes, 595-599 [Zbl 0883.35076]
Yang, Wanli, Global existence of solutions for the reaction-diffusion systems which don’t satisfy a zero sum condition, 601-605 [Zbl 0893.35058]
Yang, Zhijian; Chen, Guowang, Nonexistence of global solutions to a class of generalized improved Boussinesq equations, 607-611 [Zbl 0889.35081]
Yoshida, Norio, Zeros of solutions of hyperbolic equations with functional arguments, 613-617 [Zbl 0885.35141]
Zhao, Huijiang; Zhu, Changjiang; Yu, Zhong, Existence and convergence of solutions to higher order generalized KdV-Burgers equations, 619-623 [Zbl 0891.35143]
Zhao, Jennifer Jing; Hoff, David, Convergence and error bound analysis of a finite difference scheme for the one-dimensional Navier-Stokes equations, 625-631 [Zbl 0890.76055]
Zheng, Yongshu, Vacuum problem for the damped \(p\)-system, 633-637 [Zbl 0891.35087]


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