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Advances in Cryptology - CRYPTO ’97. 17th annual international cryptology conference. Santa Barbara, CA, USA. August 17–21, 1997. Proceedings. (English) Zbl 0870.00047
Lecture Notes in Computer Science. 1294. Berlin: Springer. xii, 539 p. (1997).

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Indexed articles:
Goldmann, Mikael; Näslund, Mats, The complexity of computing hard core predicates, 1-15 [Zbl 0884.68046]
Fujisaki, Eiichiro; Okamoto, Tatsuaki, Statistical zero knowledge protocols to prove modular polynomial relations, 16-30 [Zbl 0880.94007]
Di Crescenzo, Giovanni; Okamoto, Tatsuaki; Yung, Moti, Keeping the SZK-verifier honest unconditionally, 31-45 [Zbl 0880.94006]
Goldreich, Oded, On the foundations of modern cryptography, 46-74 [Zbl 1030.94503]
Beaver, Donald, Plug and play encryption, 75-89 [Zbl 0882.94014]
Canetti, Ran; Dwork, Cynthia; Naor, Moni; Ostrovsky, Rafail, Deniable encryption, 90-104 [Zbl 0882.94019]
Goldreich, Oded; Goldwasser, Shafi; Halevi, Shai, Eliminating decryption errors in the Ajtai-Dwork cryptosystem, 105-111 [Zbl 0889.94010]
Goldreich, Oded; Goldwasser, Shafi; Halevi, Shai, Public-key cryptosystems from lattice reduction problems, 112-131 [Zbl 0889.94011]
Gennaro, Rosario; Krawczyk, Hugo; Rabin, Tal, RSA-based undeniable signatures, 132-149 [Zbl 0886.94007]
Juels, Ari; Luby, Michael; Ostrowsky, Rafail, Security of blind digital signatures. (Extended abstract), 150-164 [Zbl 0886.94008]
Zheng, Yuliang, Digital signcryption or how to achieve cost(signature & encryption) \(\ll\) cost(signature) + cost(encryption)., 165-179 [Zbl 1058.94524]
Gennaro, Rosario; Rohatgi, Pankaj, How to sign digital streams, 180-197 [Zbl 0884.68047]
Nguyen, Phong; Stern, Jacques, Merkle-Hellman revisited: a cryptanalysis of the Qu-Vanstone cryptosystem based on group factorizations, 198-212 [Zbl 0882.94025]
Berson, Thomas A., Failure of the McEliece public-key cryptosystem under message-resend and related-message attack, 213-220 [Zbl 0887.94008]
Misarsky, Jean-François, A multiplicative attack using LLL algorithm on RSA signatures with redundancy, 221-234 [Zbl 0882.94024]
Bleichenbacher, D., On the security of the KMOV public key cryptosystem, 235-248 [Zbl 0882.94016]
Lim, Chae Hoon; Lee, Pil Joong, A key recovery attack on discrete log-based schemes using a prime order subgroup, 249-263 [Zbl 0888.94017]
Young, Adam; Yung, Moti, The prevalence of kleptographic attacks on discrete-log based cryptosystems, 264-276 [Zbl 0886.94009]
Bellare, Mihir; Goldwasser, Shafi; Micciancio, Daniele, ‘Pseudo-random’ number generation within cryptographic algorithms: The DDS case, 277-291 [Zbl 0893.94044]
Cachin, Christian; Maurer, Ueli, Unconditional security against memory-bounded adversaries., 292-306 [Zbl 1059.94527]
Maurer, Ueli; Wolf, Stefan, Privacy amplification secure against active adversaries, 307-321 [Zbl 0898.94007]
Naor, Moni; Pinkas, Benny, Visual authentication and identification, 322-336 [Zbl 0880.94008]
Brassard, Gilles, Quantum information processing: The good, the bad and the ugly, 337-341 [Zbl 0888.94010]
Guajardo, Jorge; Paar, Christof, Efficient algorithms for elliptic curve cryptosystems, 342-356 [Zbl 0937.94009]
Solinas, Jerome A., An improved algorithm for arithmetic on a family of elliptic curves, 357-371 [Zbl 1032.11062]
Takagi, Tsuyoshi, Fast RSA-type cryptosystems using \(n\)-adic expansion, 372-384 [Zbl 0890.94025]
Buchmann, Johannes; Paulus, Sachar, A one way function based on ideal arithmetic in number fields, 385-394 [Zbl 0888.94011]
Dolev, Shlomi; Ostrovsky, Rafail, Efficient anonymous multicast and reception. (Extended abstract)., 395-409 [Zbl 1058.94521]
Camenisch, Jan; Stadler, Markus, Efficient group signature schemes for large groups. (Extended abstract), 410-424 [Zbl 0882.94018]
Boneh, Dan; Franklin, Matthew, Efficient generation of shared RSA keys. (Extended abstract), 425-439 [Zbl 0882.94017]
Frankel, Yair; Gemmell, Peter; MacKenzie, Philip D.; Yung, Moti, Proactive RSA, 440-454 [Zbl 0882.94020]
Canetti, Ran, Towards realizing random oracles: hash functions that hide all partial information, 455-469 [Zbl 0884.68048]
Bellare, Mihir; Rogaway, Phillip, Collision-resistant hashing: Towards making UOWHFs practical, 470-484 [Zbl 0882.94015]
Knudsen, Lars; Preneel, Bart, Fast and secure hashing based on codes, 485-498 [Zbl 0882.94023]
Golić, Jovan Dj.; Menicocci, Renato, Edit distance correlation attack on the alternating step generator, 499-512 [Zbl 0882.94013]
Biham, Eli; Shamir, Adi, Differential fault analysis of secret key cryptosystems, 513-525 [Zbl 0886.94010]
Wagner, David; Schneier, Bruce; Kelsey, John, Cryptoanalysis of the cellular message encryption algorithm, 526-537 [Zbl 0888.94023]

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