Boundary elements: implementation and analysis of advanced algorithms. Proceedings of the 12th GAMM-Seminar, Kiel, Germany, January 19-21, 1996. (English) Zbl 0871.00042

Notes on Numerical Fluid Mechanics. 54. Wiesbaden: Vieweg. viii, 272 p. (1996).

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The articles of this volume will be reviewed individually. The preceding GAMM-Seminar (11, 1995) has been reviewed (see Zbl 0861.00023).
Indexed articles:
Kleemann, Bernd H.; Rathsfeld, Andreas; Schneider, Reinhold, Multiscale methods for boundary integral equations and their application to boundary value problems in scattering theory and geodesy, 1-28 [Zbl 0881.65106]
Sauter, Stefan A., Cubature techniques for 3-D Galerkin BEM, 29-44 [Zbl 0881.65107]
Andrä, Heiko, A Galerkin-type boundary element implementation for 3D elasticity problems by using a computer algebra system, 45-56 [Zbl 0894.73185]
Chen, Ke, Preconditioning boundary element equations, 57-67 [Zbl 0881.65023]
Faermann, Birgit, Local a-posteriori error estimators for the discretization of boundary integral equations, 68-81 [Zbl 0882.65091]
Finck, Tilo, On spline approximation methods for singular integral equations over plane domains, 82-91 [Zbl 0881.65138]
Funken, Stefan A.; Stephan, Ernst P., Hierarchical basis preconditioners for coupled FEM-BEM equations, 92-101 [Zbl 0881.65101]
Gáspár, Csaba, Multigrid and multipole techniques in the boundary integral equation methods, 102-114 [Zbl 0881.65108]
Greenbaum, Anne; Mayo, Anita; Sonnad, V., Rapid parallel evaluation of integrals in potential theory on general three dimensional regions, 115-125 [Zbl 0881.65013]
Heuer, Norbert, Additive Schwarz methods for weakly singular integral equations in \(\mathbb{R}^ 3\) - the \(p\)-version, 126-135 [Zbl 0881.65109]
Hochmuth, Reinhard, Adaptive schemes for multiscale discretisations of boundary integral equations, 136-146 [Zbl 0881.65110]
Kuhn, Michael, Domain decomposition boundary element methods: Preprocessing and parallel solution, 147-158 [Zbl 0881.65111]
Lage, Christian, Object oriented design aspects for boundary element methods, 159-170 [Zbl 0881.65112]
Lehmann, Rüdiger; Klees, Roland, Parallel setup of Galerkin equation system for a geodetic boundary value problem, 171-181 [Zbl 0881.65113]
Mund, Patrick, On the implementation of the \(h\)-\(p\) boundary element method on curved surfaces, 182-193 [Zbl 0881.65114]
Sauter, Stefan A.; Schwab, Christoph, Realization of \(hp\)-Galerkin BEM in \(\mathbb{R}^ 3\), 194-206 [Zbl 0881.65115]
Schippers, H.; Grooteman, F. P., A symmetrical boundary element formulation for sound transmission through cabin walls, 207-218 [Zbl 0900.76312]
Schulz, Heiko; Schwab, Christoph; Wendland, Wolfgang L., An extraction technique for boundary element methods, 219-231 [Zbl 0881.65116]
Steinbach, Olaf, Fast solvers for the symmetric boundary element method, 232-242 [Zbl 0881.65117]
Türke, Karsten; Schnack, Eckart, A two grid method for coupling FEM and BEM in elasticity, 243-254 [Zbl 0894.73177]
Yamada, Yosihiro; Hayami, Ken, A multipole boundary element method for two-dimensional elastostatics, 255-267 [Zbl 0893.73074]


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Zbl 0861.00023
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