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Analytic number theory. Proceedings of the 39th Taniguchi international symposium on mathematics, Kyoto, Japan, May 13–17, 1996. (English) Zbl 0874.00035
London Mathematical Society Lecture Note Series. 247. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. vi, 382 p. (1997).

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Indexed articles:
Bombieri, Enrico, Subvarieties of linear tori and the unit equation. A survey, 1-20 [Zbl 0923.11097]
Bombieri, Enrico, Remarks on the analytic complexity of zeta functions, 21-30 [Zbl 1030.11041]
Bombieri, Enrico; Perelli, Alberto, Normal distribution of zeta functions and applications, 31-41 [Zbl 0905.11038]
Brüdern, Jörg; Perelli, Alberto, Goldbach numbers and uniform distribution mod 1, 43-51 [Zbl 0911.11047]
Evertse, Jan-Hendrik, The number of algebraic numbers of given degree approximating a given algebraic number, 53-83 [Zbl 0919.11048]
Friedlander, John; Iwaniec, Henryk, The Brun-Titchmarsh theorem, 85-93 [Zbl 0910.11036]
Granville, Andrew, A decomposition of Riemann’s zeta-function, 95-101 [Zbl 0907.11024]
Hildebrand, Adolf J., Multiplicative properties of consecutive integers, 103-117 [Zbl 0917.11041]
Hirata-Kohno, Noriko; Shorey, Tarlok N., On the equation \((x^m-1)/(x-1)=y^q\) with \(x\) power, 119-125 [Zbl 0904.11009]
Huxley, Martin N.; Watt, Nigel, Congruence families of exponential sums, 127-138 [Zbl 0907.11023]
Ivić, Aleksandar, On some results concerning the Riemann hypothesis, 139-167 [Zbl 0959.11038]
Jutila, Matti, Mean values of Dirichlet series via Laplace transforms, 169-207 [Zbl 0905.11037]
Lam, Kai-Yam; Tsang, Kai-Man, The mean square of the error term in a generalization of the Dirichlet divisor problem, 209-225 [Zbl 0906.11047]
Liu, Ming-Chit; Zhan, Tao, The Goldbach problem with primes in arithmetic progressions, 227-251 [Zbl 0913.11043]
Mikawa, Hiroshi, On the sum of three squares of primes, 253-264 [Zbl 0906.11052]
Motohashi, Yoichi, Trace formula over the hyperbolic upper half space, 265-286 [Zbl 0910.11021]
Murty, V. Kumar, Modular forms and the Chebotarev density theorem. II, 287-308 [Zbl 0988.11018]
Murty, M. Ram, Congruences between modular forms, 309-320 [Zbl 0910.11018]
Nagata, Makoto, Regular singularities in \(G\)-function theory, 321-336 [Zbl 1016.12009]
Sarnak, Peter, Spectral theory and \(L\)-functions. Talk report, 337-342 [Zbl 0910.11022]
Shorey, Tarlok N.; Tijdeman, Robert, Irrationality criteria for numbers of Mahler’s type, 343-351 [Zbl 0908.11028]
Viola, Carlo, Hypergeometric functions and irrationality measures, 353-360 [Zbl 0904.11020]
Wooley, Trevor D., Forms in many variables, 361-376 [Zbl 0905.11022]
Yoshida, Eiji, Remark on the Kuznetsov trace formula, 377-382 [Zbl 0973.11058]
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