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Modern applied statistics with S-PLUS. 2nd ed. (English) Zbl 0876.62001
Statistics and Computing (Cham). New York, NY: Springer. xv, 548 p. (1997).
Since the first edition of this book appeared in 1994, see the review Zbl 0806.62002, S-PLUS has continued to grow in popularity, not least on personal computers as the Windows version now has equivalent capabilities to the versions running on Unix workstations. This edition gives equal weight to the Windows and Unix versions, and covers many of the features that have been added to S-PLUS, for example Trellis and object-oriented editable graphics, linear and nonlinear mixed effects models and factor analysis. It also builds on further experience in the classroom and in using S-PLUS.
This edition is designed for users of S-PLUS 3.3 or later. It was written whilst S-PLUS 4.0 for Windows was under development, and covers what we see as the most exciting new features, but not new interfaces to existing functionality. (Some of the simpler statistical operations can be accessed via a menu system or customized buttons, but for the full power of S the command-line interface is still needed, and many users will still prefer it.) The new features are indexed under ‘version 4.0’.
Some of the more specialised or rapidly changing functionality is covered in the on-line complements (see page 497 for sites) which will be updated frequently. The datasets and S functions that we use are available on-line, and will help greatly in making use of the book. Also on-line are further exercises and answers to selected exercises.

62-04 Software, source code, etc. for problems pertaining to statistics
62-00 General reference works (handbooks, dictionaries, bibliographies, etc.) pertaining to statistics
62-07 Data analysis (statistics) (MSC2010)
68U99 Computing methodologies and applications
65C99 Probabilistic methods, stochastic differential equations