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International workshop on the recent advances in applied mathematics, RAAM ’96, State of Kuwait, Kuwait, May 4–7, 1996. (English) Zbl 0879.00037
Kuwait: Kuwait Univ., Department of Mathematics and Computer Science, 554 p. (1996).

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Indexed articles:
Al-Nassar, Y.; Sobh, N., An approximate separable solution of the Helmholtz scattering equation in a semi-infinite elastic solid, 11 [Zbl 0916.35023]
Al-Saqabi, B.; Kiryakova, V. S., Erdélyi-Kober fractional differintegral equations of second kind, 13-23 [Zbl 0918.34011]
Al-Zanaidi, M., A grid generator for problems on unbounded intervals with an application to BVP’s, 25-34 [Zbl 0914.65088]
Amer, M. A., Constructive solutions of nonlinear equations in Banach algebras, 35-45 [Zbl 0914.65064]
Asghar, S.; Hayat, T.; Ayub, M.; Ahmad, B., Scattering of a spherical Gaussian pulse near an absorbing half plane, 47-53 [Zbl 0979.76535]
Armbruster, Dieter, The dynamics of cellular flames, 55-65 [Zbl 0968.76625]
Batarfi, H. A.; Hassan, S. S., Instabilities and chaos of atoms bathed in squeezed light, 67-86 [Zbl 0919.58046]
Braess, Dietrich, Multigrid methods for nonconforming finite elements, 87-96 [Zbl 0914.65118]
Chawla, M. M., Parallel elimination algorithms for linear systems, 97-99 [Zbl 0914.65021]
Dimovski, I. H., Generalizations of finite and discrete Fourier transforms, 101-105 [Zbl 0914.44004]
El-Gabali, M. A.; Kalla, S. L., Some generalised radiation field integrals., 107-121 [Zbl 1147.33300]
El-Seoud, M. S. A., Numerical solution of a class of nonlinear boundary value problems by the method of finite-element, 123-141 [Zbl 0914.65111]
El-Sheikh, M. G., The justification of the truncation applied to inhomogeneous integral equations with Cauchy’s kernel, 143-152 [Zbl 0914.45001]
Erbe, L. H., Boundary value problems for nonlinear differential equations, 155-161 [Zbl 0916.35039]
Fkirin, M. A., Practical aspects of modeling and identification strategies for process control, 163-173 [Zbl 0925.93181]
Furati, K. M., A hyperbolic system for history-dependent two-phase flows in porous media, 175-183 [Zbl 0962.76623]
Gavdzinski, V., The method of discrete Riemann’s problem and recent progress in solving some engineering problems, 185-192 [Zbl 0914.45002]
Gorenflo, R.; Mainardi, F., Fractional oscillations and Mittag-Leffler functions, 193-208 [Zbl 0916.34011]
Grossmann, C., Smoothing of elliptic differential inclusions and its iterative treatment, 209-222 [Zbl 0917.35007]
Heinig, G., Transformation approaches for fast and stable solution of Toeplitz systems and polynomial equations, 223-238 [Zbl 0914.65016]
Hetnarski, R. B., Solutions of some modern problems of mechanics by modeling of differential equations, 239-249 [Zbl 0968.74505]
Hussein, A. M.; El-Seoud, M. S. Abou, Fitting the Newmark method of one component of a structural system, 251-260 [Zbl 0954.74513]
Johnson, M. J., A bound on the approximation order of surface splines, 261-271 [Zbl 0915.41007]
Kalla, S. L.; Vu Kim Tuan, Asymptotic formulas for generalized elliptic-type integrals., 273-280 [Zbl 1147.33302]
Kiryakova, V. S., Multiple Dzrbashjan-Gelfond-Leontiev fractional differintegrals., 281-294 [Zbl 1147.26303]
Kofler, P. W.; Weinmüller, E. B., Numerical treatment of singular boundary and initial value problems, 295-315 [Zbl 0917.65073]
Lancaster, P., Spectra and stability of quadratic eigenvalue problems, 317-338 [Zbl 0964.34500]
Lénárd, M., On a lacunary biquadratic spline function of reduced Hermite-type, 339-344 [Zbl 0917.41006]
Marek, I., Some iterative methods for computation of stationary probability vectors of nonlinear Markov type operators – motivated by an amplification effect measured in the cascade of vision, 345-356 [Zbl 0913.47034]
Miller, G. R.; Thaheem, A. B., Derivatives of matrix order, 357-370 [Zbl 0916.26001]
Mittelmann, H. D., Stability of thermocapillary convection in the float-zone process for the manufacturing of semiconductor crystals, 371-388 [Zbl 0916.35092]
Móricz, F., Various definitions of Hardy spaces on the plane and their use in the study of Fourier transforms, 389-401 [Zbl 0917.42026]
Nashed, M. Z., On expansion methods for inverse and recovery problems for partial information, 403-422 [Zbl 0914.65135]
Ortiz, E. L.; Pham, A., Some remarks on relations between the tau method and the finite element method, 423-429 [Zbl 0914.65086]
Pao, C. V., Numerical analysis of nonlinear reaction-diffusion equations, 431-440 [Zbl 0914.65093]
Saigo, M., On generalized fractional calculus operators, 441-449 [Zbl 0917.26007]
Sallam, S.; Karaballi, A. A., Continuous extension of implicit Nyström method for solving second order initial value problems, 451-462 [Zbl 0914.65081]
Schmidt, Jochen W., Strip interpolations using splines on refined grids, 463-474 [Zbl 0917.65007]
Siddiqi, R. N., Approximation of a function of Wiener’s class by its Fourier series, 475-482 [Zbl 0917.42002]
Smaoui, N.; Garrouch, A. A., Combining Karhunen-Loève decomposition and artificial neural network for estimating rock permeability, 483-500 [Zbl 0924.68173]
Spijker, M. N., Error propagation in the numerical solution of initial value problems, 501-506 [Zbl 0914.65089]
Vu Kim Tuan, Supports of functions and integral transforms, 507-521 [Zbl 0917.44002]
Zinterhof, P., Some new results in high dimensional approximation of functions. (Algorithms and implementations on parallel computers), 541-554 [Zbl 0917.65020]
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