Seminar on spectral theory and geometry, 1996-1997. (Séminaire de théorie spectrale et géométrie. Année 1996-1997.) (French, English) Zbl 0882.00016

Séminaire de Théorie Spectrale et Géométrie, Chambéry-Grenoble. 15. St. Martin D’Hères: Univ. de Grenoble I, Institut Fourier, 227 p. (1997).

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The articles of this volume will be reviewed individually. The preceding seminar (1995-1996) has been reviewed (see Zbl 0857.00014).
Indexed articles:
Publications of Hubert Pesce (1966-1997), i-ii [Zbl 0891.01049]
Dufresnoy, Alain, On Bennequin’s problem: a counterexample (after Alexander), 13-15 [Zbl 0895.53042]
El Soufi, Ahmad; Ilias, Saïd; Ros, Antonio, On the first eigenvalue of tori, 17-23 [Zbl 0902.58003]
Fanaï, Hamid-Reza, Rigidity of the geodesic flow on certain nilmanifolds of rank two, 25-36 [Zbl 0902.58027]
Salein, François, Anti-de Sitter manifolds of dimension 3, 37-42 [Zbl 0897.53048]
Hélein, Frédéric, Surfaces of constant mean curvature and Wente’s inequality, 43-52 [Zbl 0925.35060]
Mathéus, Frédéric, Circle packings and Liouville theorem (after T. Dubejko), 53-58 [Zbl 0912.52011]
Potemine, Igor, \(\mathfrak p\)-adic symmetric spaces, \(\mathfrak p\)-adic measures, and integral transformations, 59-84 [Zbl 1053.11525]
Dal’Bo, Françoise, Geometry of a family of groups acting on the product of two Hadamard manifolds, 85-98 [Zbl 0898.53027]
Barré, Sylvain, On polyhedra of rank 2, 99-104 [Zbl 0912.51005]
Brooks, Robert, Isospectral graphs and isospectral surfaces, 105-113 [Zbl 0910.05042]
Colin de Verdière, Yves, The Maxwell equations, 115-125 [Zbl 0896.53049]
Paternain, Gabriel P., Hyperbolic dynamics of Euler-Lagrange flows on prescribed energy levels, 127-151 [Zbl 0898.58041]
Dubejko, Tomasz, Circle-packing connections with random walks and a finite volume method, 153-161 [Zbl 0912.52010]
Yamaguchi, Tatao, Collapsing and soul theorem in three dimensions, 163-166 [Zbl 0901.53025]
Coulhon, Thierry, Heat kernels on non-compact Riemannian manifolds: a partial survey, 167-187 [Zbl 0903.58055]
Baribaud, Claire M. C., Chords and closed geodesics, 189-192 [Zbl 0910.53031]
Carron, Gilles, On the relative index theorem, 193-202 [Zbl 0919.58061]
Kanai, Masahiko, Rigidity of group actions, 203-205 [Zbl 0909.58006]
Rubinstein, Jacob; Schatzman, Michelle, On multiply connected mesoscopic superconducting structures, 207-220 [Zbl 0892.35138]


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Zbl 0857.00014