Domination in graphs. Advanced topics. (English) Zbl 0883.00011

Pure and Applied Mathematics, Marcel Dekker. 209. New York, NY: Marcel Dekker. xii, 487 p. (1998).

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Indexed articles:
Slater, Peter J., LP-duality, complementarity, and generality of graphical subset parameters, 1-29 [Zbl 0891.05046]
Henning, Michael A., Dominating functions in graphs, 31-60 [Zbl 0891.05044]
Domke, Gayla S.; Fricke, Gerd H.; Laskar, Renu R.; Majumdar, Aniket, Fractional domination and related parameters, 61-89 [Zbl 0894.05027]
Hattingh, Johannes H., Majority domination and its generalizations, 91-107 [Zbl 0891.05042]
Cockayne, E. J.; Mynhardt, C. M., Convexity of extremal domination-related functions of graphs, 109-131 [Zbl 0887.05027]
Hedetniemi, Sandra M.; Hedetniemi, Stephen T.; Reynolds, Robert, Combinatorial problems on chessboards. II, 133-162 [Zbl 0888.05036]
Hartnell, Bert; Rall, Douglas F., Domination in Cartesian products: Vizing’s conjecture, 163-189 [Zbl 0890.05035]
Kratsch, Dieter, Algorithms, 191-231 [Zbl 0896.05054]
Hedetniemi, Stephen T.; McRae, Alice A.; Parks, Dolores A., Complexity results, 233-269 [Zbl 0891.68050]
Sampathkumar, E., Domination parameters of a graph, 271-299 [Zbl 0887.05028]
Brigham, Robert C.; Carrington, Julie R., Global domination, 301-320 [Zbl 0904.05047]
Henning, Michael A., Distance domaintion in graphs, 321-349 [Zbl 0891.05045]
Zelinka, Bohdan, Domatic numbers of graphs and their variants: A survey, 351-377 [Zbl 0894.05026]
Cockayne, E. J.; Mynhardt, C. M., Domination-related parameters, 379-400 [Zbl 0907.05027]
Ghoshal, J.; Laskar, R.; Pillone, D., Topics on domination in directed graphs, 401-437 [Zbl 0887.05029]
Sumner, David P.; Wojcicka, Ewa, Graphs critical with respect to the domination number, 439-469 [Zbl 0891.05043]
Dunbar, Jean E.; Teschner, Ulrich; Haynes, Teresa W.; Volkmann, Lutz, Bondage, insensitivity, and reinforcement, 471-489 [Zbl 0894.05025]


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Domination; Graphs