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A course in generalized phrase structure grammar. (English) Zbl 0887.68079
London: UCL Press. xi, 227 p. (1995).
This book is an introduction to modern linguistic grammar theory, specifically the syntactic aspects of the theory of generalized phrase structure grammar (GPSG). First, basic syntactic notions are introduced such as phrase structure rules, constituent structure, and the X-bar theory. Then, the ID/LP format is described, a means for separating the treatment of word order (linear precedence) from that of constituent structure (immediate dominance). The next three chapters deal with basic ideas of syntactic features and feature percolation (subcategorization, the Head Feature Convention, feature co-occurrence restrictions, feature specification defaults, etc.).The remaining chapters focus on the major syntactic structures of the English language (noun phrases, prepositional phrases, complementizers, infinitival complements, auxiliaries, adverbs and other adverbials, relative and interrogative proforms, relative clauses, genitives, expletive subjects, reflexives, passive, extraposition, unbounded dependencies, wh-questions, co-ordination) and introduce additional theoretical concepts (Foot Feature Principle, Control Agreement Principle, metarules, slash categories, empty categories, etc.). Finally, current issues of GPSG and its relevance for computational linguistics are discussed.
68T50 Natural language processing
68Q42 Grammars and rewriting systems
91F20 Linguistics
68-01 Introductory exposition (textbooks, tutorial papers, etc.) pertaining to computer science