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Reliability and safety analyses under fuzziness. (English) Zbl 0888.00012
Studies in Fuzziness. 4. Heidelberg: Physica Verlag. x, 376 p. DM 148.00; öS 1080.40; sFr. 130.50 (1995).

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Indexed articles:
Karpiński, Janusz; Lewin, Włodzimierz; Rudnicki, Jerzy, Foundations of reliability and safety, 3-30 [Zbl 0901.90095]
Fedrizzi, Mario; Kacprzyk, Janusz, Brief introduction to fuzzy sets, 31-39 [Zbl 0896.04004]
Onisawa, Takehisa, System reliability from the viewpoint of evaluation and fuzzy sets theory approach, 43-60 [Zbl 0901.90097]
Cappelle, Bart; Kerre, Etienne E., Issues in possibilistic reliability theory, 61-80 [Zbl 0901.90093]
Cai, Kaiyuan; Wen, Chuanyuan; Zhang, Minglian, Coherent systems in profust reliability theory, 81-94 [Zbl 0902.60074]
Montero, Javier; Cappelle, Bart; Kerre, Etienne E., The usefulness of complete lattices in reliability theory, 95-110 [Zbl 0901.90096]
Misra, Krishna B.; Soman, K. P., Multistate fault tree analysis using fuzzy probability vectors and resolution identity, 113-125 [Zbl 0903.90069]
Viertl, R.; Gurker, W., Reliability estimation based on fuzzy life time data, 153-168 [Zbl 0895.62099]
Hryniewicz, Olgierd, Lifetime tests for imprecise data and fuzzy reliability requirements, 169-179 [Zbl 0895.62096]
Cai, Kaiyuan; Wen, Chuanyuan; Zhang, Minglian, Reliability behavior of combined hardware-software systems, 183-195 [Zbl 0903.90066]
Qian, Y.; Tessier, P. J. C.; Dumont, G. A., Application of fuzzy relational modelling to industrial product quality control, 203-216 [Zbl 0902.90070]
Nagasawa, Shin’ya, An application of fuzzy structural modeling to relation diagram method in quality control, 217-229 [Zbl 0902.90069]
Rotshtein, A., Fuzzy reliability analysis of labour (man-machine) systems, 245-269 [Zbl 0901.90098]
Ibrahim, Ahmed A.; Ayyub, Bilal M., Risk-based ranking in inspection of industrial facilities, 285-325 [Zbl 0901.90094]
Furuta, Hitoshi; Sugito, Masata; Yamamoto, Shin-ya; Shiraishi, Naruhito, Seismic reliability analysis of existing structures based on fuzzy probability, 326-340 [Zbl 0896.62101]
Kawamura, Hiroshi; Kuwamoto, Yasuhiko, Combined probability-possibility evaluation theory for structural reliability, 341-357 [Zbl 0895.62097]
Lai, Kwan-Ling; Ayyub, Bilal M., Reliability assessment using variance reduction techniques based on fuzzy system performance, 358-376 [Zbl 0895.62098]

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62N05 Reliability and life testing
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