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Statistical mechanics of nonequilibrium processes. Vol. 2: Relaxation and hydrodynamic processes. (English) Zbl 0890.00009
Berlin: Akademie Verlag. 375 p. (1997).
For the review of Part 1 see Zbl 0890.00008 above.
This is part 2 of a two-volume textbook on the statistical theory of non-equilibrium processes. The general theory developed in part 1 is now applied to problems in linear response and transport theory, correlation functions, master equation and relaxation phenomena, hydrodynamics and theory of fluids, and fluctuation theory including turbulence.
In comparison to part 1, this is more directed to active research areas, such as laser theory, superfluidity, large-scale fluctuations and turbulence. Nevertheless, exercises and problems are included. The second volume is considerably more advanced than the first and, in particular, some familiarity with field theoretic notions is needed to follow the line of thought.

00A79 Physics (Use more specific entries from Sections 70-XX through 86-XX when possible)
82-01 Introductory exposition (textbooks, tutorial papers, etc.) pertaining to statistical mechanics
82C31 Stochastic methods (Fokker-Planck, Langevin, etc.) applied to problems in time-dependent statistical mechanics
82C05 Classical dynamic and nonequilibrium statistical mechanics (general)
82C10 Quantum dynamics and nonequilibrium statistical mechanics (general)
82D50 Statistical mechanical studies of superfluids
76F99 Turbulence
82D10 Statistical mechanical studies of plasmas
82D15 Statistical mechanical studies of liquids
82D20 Statistical mechanical studies of solids