Combinatorics, complexity, and logic. Proceedings of the 1st international conference on discrete mathematics and theoretical computer science, DMTCS ’96, Auckland, New Zealand, December 9–13, 1996. (English) Zbl 0892.00029

Berlin: Springer. viii, 422 p. (1997).

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Indexed articles:
Chaitin, G. J., An invitation to algorithmic information theory, 1-23 [Zbl 0914.68108]
Colbourn, Charles J.; Dinitz, Jeffrey H., \(N(n)\) and \(\nu(n)\): Similarities and differences, 25-36 [Zbl 0917.05012]
Hayashi, Susumu, Constructive programming: A personal view, 38-51 [Zbl 0914.68024]
Odifreddi, Piergiorgio, Indiscrete applications of discrete mathematics, 52-65 [Zbl 1073.00503]
Weihrauch, Klaus, A foundation for computable analysis, 66-89 [Zbl 0923.03057]
Anstee, R. P.; Caccetta, L., Recognizing diameter critical graphs, 105-112 [Zbl 0913.05087]
Archdeacon, Dan; Bonnington, C. Paul; Pearson, John; Širáň, Jozef, The Hadwiger number for the product of two cycles, 113-120 [Zbl 0913.05067]
Bertram-Kretzberg, Claudia; Lefmann, Hanno; Rödl, Vojtĕch; Wysocka, Beata, Proper bounded edge-colorings (extended abstract), 121-130 [Zbl 0914.05027]
Bloch, Stephen A.; Buss, Jonathan F.; Goldsmith, Judy, Sharply bounded alternation within P (extended abstract), 131-146 [Zbl 0911.68062]
Brand, Neal; Morton, Margaret, A note on the growth rate of planar graphs, 147-157 [Zbl 0914.05021]
Chaudhry, Ghulam Rasool; Seberry, Jennifer, Secret sharing schemes based on Room squares, 158-167 [Zbl 0915.94006]
Cicerone, Serafino; Di Stefano, Gabriele, Graph classes between parity and distance-hereditary graphs, 168-181 [Zbl 0912.05052]
Conder, Marston D. E.; Walker, Cameron G., Sierpinski’s gasket, 2-groups and graph symmetries, 182-186 [Zbl 0912.05040]
Dömösi, Pál; Ito, Masami; Katsura, Masashi; Nehaniv, Chrystopher, A new pumping property of context-free languages, 187-193 [Zbl 0911.68103]
Downey, Rod G.; Fellows, Michael R.; Taylor, Udayan, The parameterized complexity of relational database queries and an improved characterization of \(W[1]\), 194-213 [Zbl 0918.68018]
Galbiati, Giulia; Morzenti, Angelo; Maffioli, Francesco, On the logical definability of some maximum leaves problems, 214-225 [Zbl 0914.68107]
Goldblatt, Robert, The functional lambda abstraction algebras form a variety, 226-243 [Zbl 0940.03071]
Guesgen, Hans W., A formalization of anytime constraint satisfaction, 244-252 [Zbl 0914.68073]
Hasegawa, Ryu, The generating functions of lambda terms (extended abstract), 253-263 [Zbl 0911.03007]
Hertling, Peter, Effectivity and effective continuity of functions between computable metric spaces, 264-275 [Zbl 0911.03020]
Imreh, B.; Ito, M.; Katsura, M., On shuffle closures of commutative regular languages, 276-288 [Zbl 0914.68116]
Kelarev, A. V., Combinatorial properties of sequences in groups and semigroups, 289-298 [Zbl 0914.68155]
Khoussainov, Bakhadyr; Shore, Richard, Categoricity and Scott families, 299-307 [Zbl 0923.03052]
Krishnan, Padmanabhan; Hopkins, Jane, A process algebraic view of linear logic, 308-320 [Zbl 0914.68130]
Lange, Klaus-Jörn; Reinhardt, Klaus, Set automata, 321-329 [Zbl 0914.68117]
Little, Charles H. C.; van-Brunt, Bruce, A condition for a normal semicycle to separate an orientable 3-graph, 330-337 [Zbl 0913.05065]
Matsuoka, Satoshi, A new proof search method for linear logic, 338-350 [Zbl 0936.03057]
Mori, Takakazu; Tsujii, Yoshiki; Yasugi, Mariko, Computability structures on metric spaces, 351-362 [Zbl 0920.03055]
Salomaa, Kai; Yu, Sheng, EDT0L structural equivalence is decidable, 363-375 [Zbl 0914.68121]
Semple, Charles, \(k\)-regular matroids, 376-386 [Zbl 0912.05028]
Spreen, Dieter, Representations versus numberings: On two computability notions, 387-401 [Zbl 0923.03056]
Tjiok, Mouw-ching, The role of Kripke semantics in reasoning of knowledge and time, 402-422 [Zbl 0914.68191]


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