Sampling inspection tables. Single and double sampling. 2nd ed., revised and expanded. (English) Zbl 0893.62102

Wiley Classics Library. Chichester: Wiley. xi, 224 p. (1998).
The first edition of this book came out 1944 and immediately became a large success. The second, revised and enlarged edition of the Dodge and Romig Tables published 1959, see the review Zbl 0086.12405, was for many decades the most influential book for theory and industrial application of statistical quality control. This year it was included in the Wiley Classic Library Edition which aims at making important works “available to future generations of mathematicians and scientists”.
The book contains four chapters (60 pages), and tables and curves related to single and double sampling plans (157 pages). Chapter 1, entitled “A method of sampling inspection”, outlines the basic principles for and introduces the terminology of sampling inspection. Chapter 2 is an introduction to single and double sampling plans and contains instructions how to apply the “single sampling and double sampling inspection tables”. Chapter 3, entitled “Using double sampling inspection in a manufacturing plant”, outlines the shop procedures for applying the tables for “average outgoing quality limit” double sampling plans. Finally, Chapter 4 discusses the “operating characteristic curve” of a sampling plan.
Appendices 1 to 3 display the OC curves of double and single sampling plans. In the Appendices 4 to 7, tables for single and double sampling plans indexed by the “Lot Tolerance Per Cent Defective” (LTPD) and the “Average Outgoing Quality Limit” (AOQL) are given.
Although more than five decades old, this book has not lost its significance for theory and practice of statistical quality control.


62P30 Applications of statistics in engineering and industry; control charts
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Zbl 0086.12405