Geometry and global analysis. Report of the 1st MSJ (Mathematical Society of Japan) International Research Institute, Sendai, Japan, July 12–23, 1993. (English) Zbl 0895.00042

Sendai: Tôhoku Univ., Mathematical Institute, viii, 500 p. (1993).

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Indexed articles:
Fukaya, Kenji, Geometry of gauge fields, 1-85 [Zbl 0908.57002]
Morgan, Frank, Survey lectures on geometric measure theory, 87-110 [Zbl 0915.49025]
Simon, Leon, Theorems on the regularity and singularity of minimal surfaces and harmonic maps, 111-145 [Zbl 0913.58006]
Akutagawa, Kazuo, Harmonic maps between unbounded convex polyhedra in hyperbolic spaces, 147-150 [Zbl 0913.58008]
Bär, Christian, Elliptic operators and representation theory of compact groups, 151-160 [Zbl 0909.58046]
Barbosa, João Lucas Marques; Oliker, Vladimir, Stable spacelike hypersurfaces with constant mean curvature in Lorentz space, 161-164 [Zbl 0974.53513]
Bolton, J.; Woodward, L. M., The space of harmonic maps of \(S^2\) into \(S^n\), 165-173 [Zbl 0913.58010]
Bolton, J.; Woodward, L. M., The affine Toda equations in the geometry of surfaces, 175-189 [Zbl 0921.58022]
Dupont, Johan L., Dilogarithm identities in conformal field theory and group homology, 191-195 [Zbl 0908.55003]
Ehrlich, Paul E., Astigmatic conjugacy and achronal boundaries, 197-208 [Zbl 0988.53034]
Ejiri, Norio, A Darboux theorem for null curves in \(\mathbb{C}^{2m+1}\), 209-210 [Zbl 0954.53005]
Enoki, Ichiro, Strong-Lefshetz-type theorem for semi-positive line bundles over compact Kähler manifolds, 211-212 [Zbl 0908.57006]
Goto, Ryushi, On degenerations of elliptic curves and hyper-Kähler structures, 213-216 [Zbl 0917.53015]
Ishimura, Naoyuki, Asymptotic behaviour of the symmetric torus evolving by its mean curvature, 217-222 [Zbl 0912.53039]
Izeki, Hiroyasu, Deformations of flat conformal structures, 223-231 [Zbl 0913.53013]
Kametani, Yukio, A vanishing theorem of Donaldson invariants for torus sums, 233-237 [Zbl 0908.57003]
Koiso, Miyuki, Symmetry of surfaces of constant mean curvature with symmetric boundary, 239-248 [Zbl 0909.53007]
Norihito, Koiso, Convergence towards an elastica, 249-254 [Zbl 0913.58005]
LeBrun, Claude; Simanca, Santiago R., On the Kähler classes of extremal metrics, 255-271 [Zbl 0921.53032]
Lemaire, Luc, On the non-existence of harmonic maps and solutions of an equation of Landau and Lifshitz, 273-280 [Zbl 0913.58009]
Mabuchi, Toshiki, Generalization of the Killing form: uniqueness and periodicity of extremal Kähler vector fields, 281-287 [Zbl 0923.53025]
Miyaoka, Reiko, \(L^2\) harmonic 1-forms on a complete stable minimal hypersurface, 289-293 [Zbl 0912.53042]
Mok, Ngaiming, Semi-Kähler structures and algebraic dimensions of compact Kähler manifolds, 295-317 [Zbl 0921.53034]
Naito, Hisashi, On the Yang-Mills heat flow, 319-326 [Zbl 0913.58007]
Nakagawa, Yasuhiro, Einstein-Kähler toric Fano fourfolds, 327-333 [Zbl 0920.32028]
Nakauchi, Nobumitsu, Differential inequalities and nonlinear extensions in geometry, 335-340 [Zbl 0913.58014]
Nayatani, Shin, Kleinian groups and conformally flat metrics, 341-349 [Zbl 1040.53502]
Nomizu, Katsumi, Recent results in affine differential geometry – an introduction and a survey, 351-357 [Zbl 0923.53006]
Ohnita, Yoshihiro, On deformations of harmonic 2-spheres in symmetric spaces, 359-368 [Zbl 0913.58012]
Rossman, Wayne, New examples of minimal surfaces. Preliminary report, 369-377 [Zbl 0911.53006]
Takakuwa, Shoichiro, Sobolev inequalities on the sphere and conformal transformations, 379-385 [Zbl 0929.58007]
Tuschmann, Wilderich, Hausdorff convergence and infrasolvmanifolds, 387-397 [Zbl 0906.53030]
Umehara, Masaaki; Yamada, Kotaro, Surfaces of constant mean curvature 1 in the hyperbolic 3-space, 399-411 [Zbl 0912.53043]
Wood, John C., Harmonic morphisms between Riemannian manifolds, 413-422 [Zbl 0913.58013]
Almeida, Luís, Everywhere discontinuous generalized harmonic maps into \(S^1\), 423-426 [Zbl 0929.58008]
Au, Thomas Kwok-Keung; Wan, Tom Yau-Heng, From local solutions to a global solutions for the equation \(\Delta w=e^{2w}-\| \Phi\|^2e^{-2w}\), 427-430 [Zbl 0925.35057]
Chen, Jingyi, Stable harmonic maps into \(S^2\), 431-436 [Zbl 0929.58009]
Cheng, Qing-Ming; Wan, Qian-Rong, Hypersurfaces of space forms \(M^4(c)\) with constant mean curvature, 437-442 [Zbl 0911.53036]
Mashimo, Katsuya, On the stability of Pontrjagin cycles in special orthogonal groups, 443-445 [Zbl 0908.57011]
Okayasu, Takashi, Area of minimal disks with free boundary, 447-449 [Zbl 0980.53508]
Sakagawa, Hideko, On the construction of twistor lifts of harmonic 2-spheres into \(Gr_t(\mathbb{C}^n)\), 451-455 [Zbl 0929.58010]
Shen, Yi-Bing, On conformal superminimal immersions of surfaces into \(\mathbb{C} P^n\), 457-463 [Zbl 0910.53041]
Sumi, Makiko, \(p\)-harmonic maps and symmetric spaces, 465-467 [Zbl 1002.58505]
Tasaki, Hiroyuki, Integral geometry under cut loci in compact symmetric spaces, 469-471 [Zbl 0912.53048]
Tsuboi, Kenji, On the determinant of elliptic operators, 473-477 [Zbl 0929.58014]
Xia, Changyu, Rigidity of Riemannian manifolds with Ricci curvature having a positive lower bound, 479-484 [Zbl 0912.53040]


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