Proceedings of the 8th international colloquium on differential equations, Plovdiv, Bulgaria, August 18–23, 1997. (English) Zbl 0896.00024

Utrecht: VSP. xvi, 459 p. (1998).

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The articles of this volume will be reviewed individually. The preceding conference (7, 1996) has been reviewed (see Zbl 0896.00023).
Indexed articles:
Amar, Makhlouf; Tounsi, Bahloul, Study on the Ince equation, 1-8 [Zbl 0911.34008]
Amirov, R. Kh.; Çakmak, Y., Trace formula for the Sturm-Liouville operator with singularity, 9-16 [Zbl 0957.34077]
Amirov, R. Kh.; Gülyaz, S., Inverse spectral problem for a differential equation of second order with singularity, 17-24 [Zbl 0917.34017]
Apelblat, Alexander, Application of the Laplace, Mellin and Stieltjes transformations in the evaluation of integrals, 25-34 [Zbl 0911.44004]
Bahi, J.; Miellou, J.-C., Asynchronous multisplitting algorithms for differential-algebraic systems discretized by Runge-Kutta methods, 35-41 [Zbl 0910.65054]
Bainov, Drumi; Minchev, Emil, Forced oscillations of solutions of parabolic equations of neutral type with maxima, 43-49 [Zbl 0914.35146]
Bainov, Drumi; Minchev, Emil, On the stability of solutions of impulsive parabolic differential-functional equations, 51-56 [Zbl 0914.35147]
Baum, D., Approximate analysis of non-cyclic multi-queue systems with batch Markovian arrival streams, 57-66 [Zbl 0918.60079]
Bebernes, Jerrold, Nonlocal problems modelling the formulation of shear bands, 67-71 [Zbl 0911.35064]
Belov, Sergei; Fujii, Nobuo, Solution of the Dirichlet problem for Laplace equation on domains with analytic boundaries, 73-79 [Zbl 0913.35029]
Benyah, F.; Jennings, L. S., Ill-conditioning in optimal control computation, 81-88 [Zbl 0914.49022]
Botkin, Nikolai D., Differentiability of solutions of an electro-elasticity model w. r. t. parameters, 89-96 [Zbl 0913.35015]
Cao, Lilun; Zhu, Jianping, Efficient and accurate local time stepping algorithm for multi-rate problems, 97-104 [Zbl 0913.35008]
Bainov, Drumi, 50th anniversary of Prof. P. Popivanov, xv-xvi [Zbl 0911.01021]
Chen, Tien Chi, Improving Laguerre’s method to cope with symmetry pitfalls in polynomial root-finding, 105-110 [Zbl 0910.65028]
Choi, Q-Heung; Jung, Tacksun, A nonlinear wave equation with jumping nonlinearity, 111-117 [Zbl 0913.35076]
Cousin, A. T.; Frota, C. L.; Lar’kin, N. A., Regular solutions and stability for the nonlinear thermoviscoelastic system with nonlinear damping on the boundary, 119-125 [Zbl 0911.35016]
D’Attorre, Leonard, Analytical solutions of the Navier-Stokes equation for the laminar and turbulent boundary layer, over a flat plate, 127-136 [Zbl 0917.35093]
de Klerk, J. H., Solving singular integral equations, 137-144 [Zbl 0910.65114]
El Baz, Didier; Spiteri, Pierre; Miellou, Jean Claude, Asynchronous multisplitting methods with flexible communication for pseudolinear P. D. E, 145-152 [Zbl 0910.65038]
Farahi, M. H., On the approximation of an infinite-dimensional linear programming problem, 153-160 [Zbl 0916.35059]
Fattorusso, Luisa; Idone, Giovanna, Partial Hölder continuity results for solutions of nonlinear nonvariational elliptic systems with strictly controlled growth, 161-167 [Zbl 0912.35035]
Fiorentino, Giuseppe, A structured approach to Toeplitz and Toeplitz-like linear systems with applications to (semi) elliptic problems, 169-178 [Zbl 0910.65015]
Gargantini, I.; Liu, J.-Y., Finding voxels shared by a ray and a linear octree, 179-185 [Zbl 0909.68195]
Giuffre’, Sofia, Existence and uniqueness theorem for an oblique derivative problem for nonlinear elliptic discontinuous operators in the plane, 187-193 [Zbl 0912.35067]
Gorenflo, Rudolf; Mainardi, Francesco; Srivastava, Hari M., Special functions in fractional relaxation-oscillation and fractional diffusion-wave phenomena, 195-202 [Zbl 0921.33009]
Greenhalgh, David, Mathematical modelling of immunization programs for hepatitis A in Bulgaria, 203-210 [Zbl 0914.35144]
Hasegawa, Hiroshi, Complete-integrable Calogero dynamics for random matrix theories, 211-218 [Zbl 0951.37025]
Hong, Don, On optimal order of approximation from bivariate spline spaces, 219-225 [Zbl 0910.65004]
Ishibashi, K.; Tsugē, S.; Nakagawa, T. M. S., Solitary-wave solution of turbulence with application to Bēnard convection, 227-236 [Zbl 0914.35100]
Jódar, Lucas; Defez, Emilio, Hermite rational matrix approximation of Riccati differential equations, 237-242 [Zbl 0919.34018]
Kamiya, Noriaki; Okubo, Susumu, A construction of Jordan superalgebras from triple systems, 243-246 [Zbl 0910.17014]
Katori, Kaoru; Otake, Masamitu; Mishima, Taketoshi; Manome, Yoichi, Small amplitude fundamental periodic solutions on a piecewise linear differential equation, 247-251 [Zbl 0925.34054]
Kawamura, Takeshi; Shima, Masasuke, Monotonicity methods for stability analysis of the characteristic polynomials whose coefficients are polynomials, 253-260 [Zbl 0922.93028]
Kowalenko, Victor, Employing transform orthogonality in the determination of integral identities involving arbitrary functions, 261-273 [Zbl 0911.44001]
Kumkov, S. S.; Patsko, V. S., Parallel algorithm for construction of singular surfaces in linear differential games, 275-284 [Zbl 0910.90282]
Maple, Carsten R.; Marletta, Marco, Algorithms and software for selfadjoint ODE eigenproblems, 285-292 [Zbl 0910.65060]
Marino, Mario; Maugeri, Antonino, \({\mathfrak L}^{2,\lambda}\)-theory for nonvariational basic parabolic systems, 293-300 [Zbl 0912.35077]
Matsuuchi, Kazuo, A new approach to the description of deep water waves using fractional derivatives, 301-310 [Zbl 0913.35109]
Mochimaru, Yoshihiro, Application of a spectral finite difference scheme to a complex configuration, 311-318 [Zbl 0910.65066]
Moghrabi, I. A. R.; Obeid, S. E., A new minimum curvature multi-step method for unconstrained optimization, 319-326 [Zbl 0912.65054]
Müller, Norbert Th., Towards a real realRAM: A prototype using \(C++\), 327-334 [Zbl 0916.68082]
Nakagawa, Kiyokazu, Asymptotic behaviour of solutions of an impulsive semilinear parabolic Cauchy problem, 335-340 [Zbl 0917.35048]
Ohm, Mi-Ray, Error estimates of optimal orders for one dimensional Stefan problems, 341-346 [Zbl 0910.65105]
Omey, E., Optimal checking in reliability theory, 347-354 [Zbl 0962.90501]
Papakaliatakis, G.; Simos, T. E., Integration of some constitutive relations of plane strain elastoplasticity using block-embedded modified Runge-Kutta methods, 355-362 [Zbl 0913.73076]
Patsko, V. S.; Turova, V. L., Numerical study of the homicidal chauffeur game, 363-371 [Zbl 0910.90284]
Popivanov, Nedyu Iv.; Schneider, Manfred Friedrich, Nonlocal regularization of Protter problem for the 3-D Tricomi equation, 373-378 [Zbl 0966.35085]
Popivanov, Peter; Slavova, Angela, Blow up and singularities of the solutions of homogeneous quasilinear hyperbolic systems in the plane, 379-384 [Zbl 0911.35069]
Ragusa, Maria Alessandra, Dirichlet problem in Morrey spaces for elliptic equations in non divergence form with VMO coefficients, 385-390 [Zbl 0911.35028]
Sri Namachchivaya, N.; Van Roessel, H. J., On the calculation of Lyapunov and moment Lyapunov exponents for noise driven coupled oscillators, 391-398 [Zbl 0939.34054]
Srivastava, H. M., A unified theory of some families of elliptic integrals arising in radiation field and other problems, 399-407 [Zbl 0993.33015]
Tan, Roger C. E.; Andrew, Alan L., Computing derivatives of eigenvectors corresponding to multiple eigenvalues of nonsymmetric matrix functions, 409-414 [Zbl 0910.65020]
Tsuji, Kumiko, Error estimate of elliptic integral by Chebyshev collocation method, 415-422 [Zbl 0910.65009]
Tsuji, Mikio, Construction of singularities for nonlinear wave equations, 423-430 [Zbl 0914.35080]
Yang, Tianruo, Iterative methods for total least squares problems, 431-439 [Zbl 0910.65022]
Yang, Tianruo; Lin, Hai-Xiang, Theoretical performance analysis of the IQMR method on distributed memory computers with different network topologies, 441-449 [Zbl 0910.65016]
Belbas, S. A., Optimal control of certain M-D systems, 451-455 [Zbl 0914.49012]
Belbas, S. A.; Mayergoyz, I. D., Optimal control of discrete-time approximations to systems with hysteresis, 457-459 [Zbl 0914.49014]


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