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Design and analysis of experiments. (English) Zbl 0897.00015
Handbook of Statistics. 13. Amsterdam: North-Holland. xviii, 1229 p. (1996).

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Indexed articles:
Armitage, P., The design and analysis of clinical trials, 1-29 [Zbl 0912.62117]
Patel, H. I., Clinical trials in drug development: Some statistical issues, 31-62 [Zbl 0912.62118]
Stufken, J., Optimal crossover designs, 63-90 [Zbl 0911.62073]
Sen, P. K., Design and analysis of experiments: Nonparametric methods with applications to clinical trials, 91-150 [Zbl 0920.62061]
Zacks, S., Adaptive designs for parametric models, 151-180 [Zbl 0910.62075]
Rosenbaum, P. R., Observational studies and nonrandomized experiments, 181-197 [Zbl 0919.62088]
Steinberg, D. M., Robust design: Experiments for improving quality, 199-240 [Zbl 0911.62075]
Anderson-Cook, C. M., Analysis of location and dispersion effects from factorial experiments with a directional response, 241-259 [Zbl 0920.62101]
Koehler, J. R.; Owen, A. B., Computer experiments, 261-308 [Zbl 0919.62089]
Srivastava, J. N., A critique of some aspects of experimental design, 309-341 [Zbl 0919.62087]
Draper, N. R.; Lin, D. K. J., Response surface designs, 343-375 [Zbl 0911.62068]
Khuri, A. I., Multiresponse surface methodology, 377-406 [Zbl 0911.62071]
Ghosh, S., Sequential assembly of fractions in factorial experiments, 407-435 [Zbl 0919.62091]
Atkinson, A. C.; Haines, L. M., Designs for nonlinear and generalized linear models, 437-475 [Zbl 0910.62070]
Martin, R. J., Spatial experimental design, 477-514 [Zbl 0912.62089]
Fedorov, V., Design of spatial experiments: Model fitting and prediction, 515-553 [Zbl 0910.62071]
Gupta, S. S.; Panchapakesan, S., Design of experiments with selection and ranking goals, 555-585 [Zbl 0912.62029]
Tamhane, A. C., Multiple comparisons, 587-630 [Zbl 0911.62060]
Brunner, E.; Puri, M. L., Nonparametric methods in design and analysis of experiments, 631-703 [Zbl 0920.62058]
Dean, A. M.; Wolfe, D. A., Nonparametric analysis of experiments, 705-758 [Zbl 0920.62059]
Street, D. J., Block and other designs used in agriculture, 759-808 [Zbl 0912.62090]
Caliński, T.; Kageyama, S., Block designs: Their combinatorial and statistical properties, 809-873 [Zbl 0912.62086]
Gupta, S.; Mukerjee, R., Developments in incomplete block designs for parallel line bioassays, 875-901 [Zbl 0919.62082]
Shah, K. R.; Sinha, B. K., Row-column designs, 903-937 [Zbl 0919.62084]
Morgan, J. P., Nested designs, 939-976 [Zbl 0919.62083]
Cheng, C.-S., Optimal design: Exact theory, 977-1006 [Zbl 0910.62068]
Majumdar, D., Optimal and efficient treatment-control designs, 1007-1053 [Zbl 0911.62072]
Chang, Y-J.; Notz, W. I., Model robust designs, 1055-1098 [Zbl 0911.62065]
DasGupta, A., Review of optimal Bayes designs, 1099-1147 [Zbl 0911.62066]
Gaffke, N.; Heiligers, B., Approximate designs for polynomial regression: Invariance, admissibility, and optimality, 1149-1199 [Zbl 0910.62072]

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