Partial differential equations and applications. Papers dedicated to Jacques-Louis Lions. (Équations aux dérivées partielles et applications. Articles dédiés à Jacques-Louis Lions.) (French, English) Zbl 0899.00020

Paris: Gauthier-Villars. vii, 808 p. (1998).

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Indexed articles:
Achdou, Yves; Pironneau, Olivier; Valentin, Frédéric, Shape control versus boundary control, 1-18 [Zbl 0920.35020]
Ammari, Habib; Nédélec, Jean-Claude, Coupling finite elements and integral equations for solving Maxwell’s equations in a heterogeneous medium, 19-33 [Zbl 0940.78010]
Artola, Michel, On an interpolation theorem in weighted Banach spaces, 35-50 [Zbl 0920.46026]
Aubin, Jean-Pierre, Connectionist complexity and its evolution, 51-79 [Zbl 0915.34038]
Bamberger, Alain; Benjelloun-Dabaghi, Zakia; Billette, Emmanuel; Jaecker-Voirol, Anne; Quandalle, Philippe; Sandu, Adrian, Mathematical and numerical studies to improve CPU time in a transport-convection atmospheric problem, 81-105 [Zbl 0909.65042]
Bardos, Claude; Ghidaglia, Jean-Michel, On two-dimensional Euler equations for open outlet and pressure boundary conditions, 107-126 [Zbl 0916.35082]
Beirão da Veiga, Hugo, Concerning the regularity of the solutions to the Navier-Stokes equations via the truncation method. II, 127-138 [Zbl 0927.35077]
Bensoussan, Alain; Frehse, Jens, Dual regularity methods in the theory of nonlinear elliptic systems, 139-149 [Zbl 0913.35027]
Bercovier, Michel, Optimal approximation of derivatives: An application of the mixed finite element method, 151-164 [Zbl 0916.73046]
Bermúdez, Alfredo; Rodríguez, Rodolfo, Numerical computation of elastoacoustic vibrations with interface damping, 165-187 [Zbl 0919.35138]
Bidaut-Véron, Marie-Françoise, Initial blow-up for the solutions of a semilinear parabolic equation with source term, 189-198 [Zbl 0914.35055]
Blayo, Eric; Blum, Jacques; Verron, Jacques, Variational assimilation of oceanographic data and reduction of the control dimension, 199-219 [Zbl 0915.35106]
Bossavit, Alain, “Hypercircles” and a posteriori error estimates via local corrections, 221-237 [Zbl 0913.35036]
Bresch, Didier; Simon, Jacques, Stationary models of lakes and seas, 239-269 [Zbl 0926.35112]
Cabral, Marco; Costa, Bruno; Temam, Roger; Wang, Shouhong, The primitive equations of the atmosphere with chemistry, 271-308 [Zbl 0914.35143]
Cessenat, Michel, Homogenization and singular perturbations in electromagnetism, 309-325 [Zbl 0924.35163]
Chargy, Didier; Saguez, Christian, Recent applications of fluid mechanics, 327-344 [Zbl 0915.35082]
Chavent, Guy, Least-squares, sentinels and substractive optimally localized averaged, 345-356 [Zbl 0916.35133]
Ciarlet, Philippe G., A lemma of J. -L. Lions and Korn’s inequalities over surfaces, 357-382 [Zbl 0915.35016]
Cioranescu, Doina; Vanninathan, Muthusamy, Exact controllability in thin perforated domains, 383-412 [Zbl 0911.35017]
Descombes, Stéphane; Schatzman, Michelle, On Richardson extrapolation of Strang formula for reaction-diffusion equations, 429-452 [Zbl 0911.35059]
Dias, João-Paulo; Figueira, Mário; Sanchez, Luis, Formation of singularities for the solutions of some quasilinear wave equations, 453-460 [Zbl 0921.35111]
Díaz, J. I.; Hetzer, G., A quasilinear functional reaction-diffusion equation arising in climatology, 461-480 [Zbl 0921.35182]
Duvaut, Georges; Ouariri, Hassan; Trad, Ahmed, New method of calculating of the diffraction field at high frequency, 481-496 [Zbl 0914.35008]
Ferone, Vincenzo; Murat, François, Quasilinear problems having quadratic growth in the gradient: An existence result when the source term is small, 497-515 [Zbl 0917.35039]
Fouque, Jean-Pierre; Papanicolaou, George; Sircar, K. Ronnie, Asymptotic of a two-scale stochastic volatility model, 517-525 [Zbl 0935.91019]
Gagneux, Gérard, On the analysis of models for two-phase filtration in porous media, 527-540 [Zbl 0914.35067]
Geymonat, Giuseppe; Gilardi, Gianni, Counter-example to Korn’s inequality and to the lemma of Lions in irregular domains, 541-548 [Zbl 0915.35018]
Godlewski, Edwige; Olazabal, Marina; Raviart, Pierre-Arnaud, On the linearization of hyperbolic systems of conservation laws. Application to stability, 549-570 [Zbl 0912.35103]
He, Ji Wen; Glowinski, Roland; Gorman, Michael; Périaux, Jacques, Some results on the controllability and the stabilization of the Kuramoto-Sivashinsky equation, 571-590 [Zbl 0912.35021]
Kernevez, Jean-Pierre, Sentinels and images, 591-596 [Zbl 0913.35147]
Kesavan, Srinivasan; Saint Jean Paulin, Jeannine, Optimal control problems in homogenization, 597-609 [Zbl 0912.35019]
Komornik, Vilmos, Rapid boundary stabilization of Maxwell’s equations, 611-622 [Zbl 0924.35164]
Le Dimet, Francois-Xavier; Charpentier, Isabelle, Methods of second order in data assimilation, 623-639 [Zbl 0953.35019]
Lemaire, Bernard, Iteration and approximation, 641-653 [Zbl 0915.65050]
Magenes, Enrico, On the operator of Dirichlet-Neumann type for some nonlinear parabolic equations, 655-665 [Zbl 0914.35061]
Marchuk, Guri I.; Chavro, Anatoli I., Solution of inverse problems in satellite meteorology, 667-682 [Zbl 0914.35153]
Mignot, Fulbert; Puel, Jean-Pierre, Quelques résultats sur un problème elliptique avec non linéarité exponentielle, 683-704 [Zbl 0932.35095]
Noailles, Joseph; Cong Thanh Le, Control in minimal time and orbital transfer with very weak thrusts, 705-723 [Zbl 0919.49023]
Sanchez-Palencia, Évariste, On coupling problems of plates and bars, 725-744 [Zbl 0913.35137]
Saramito, Bernard, Some problems related to MHD stability of fusion plasmas, 745-758 [Zbl 0922.35128]
Valle, Antonio; Parés, Carlos; Macías, Jorge; Castro, Manuel J., Numerical resolution of a shallow water system using a duality method application to the Alboran Sea, 759-786 [Zbl 0918.35116]
Zuazua, Enrique, Null controllability of the heat equation in thin domains, 787-801 [Zbl 0909.35057]


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35-06 Proceedings, conferences, collections, etc. pertaining to partial differential equations

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